Ramper Pro from Elysia Visuals – Gear Review

The Ramper Pro is not only a simple Bulb Ramper, it’s a high sophisticated device for shooting “The Holy Grail” – Day to night transitions using Exposure-Ramping, Light Metering and Histogram Analysis.

The Ramper Pro is fully compatible with LRTimelapse 3.3 – that means you can just use either the XMP files that the Ramper generates as basis, or the LRTimelapse Holy Grail Wizard to level everything in order to get your perfect Day-to-night shots.

Please watch my review video that I recorded together with Matthias Uhlig from Kids of All Ages, the German distributor.

Thank you for André Crone from Elysia Visuals for providing me with the test device.

You can find more information on elysiavisuals.com and kids-of-all-ages.de.


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