Install LRTimelapse

On Windows

  • Please make sure you have the latest Java version installed!
    → Download Java from here!
    Important: choose Windows Offline (64bit) if you are on a 64bit Windows! Accept to uninstall older java versions if the installer asks you to do so.
  • Install LRTimelapse via the provided installer, this will install LRTimelapse and all needed Lightroom Addons automatically.

On MacOS

  • You’ll find LRTimelapse and the LRTimelapse Addons for Lightroom inside the downloaded DMG-archive. Please follow the instructions popping up after double clicking the DMG:
    close Lightroom, then install the LRTimelapse Addons via the Addons installer. After this drag the LRTimelapse icon onto the Applications Folder icon. You’re done!

In Lightroom, please make sure that:

It’s really important that you read the workflow description and watch my tutorials before getting started!

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