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LRTimelapse 4.7.2 update available for Download

LRTimelapse 4.7.2 is available for download now!

Sync Script now considers crop settings

LRTimelapse 4.7The biggest news is, that the Sync-Script in Lightroom now considers the Crop-Settings when using Lightroom 6/CC. This saves the step of manually synching the crop after using the script.
Please note that this will only work with Lightroom >= 6 and CC.

This is only possible because of an undocumented feature that Adobe has buried in the Lightroom 6 SDK. No guarantees that they don’t change it again. So please let me know, if you experience any problems when using the new sync script.

With older Lightroom versions, unfortunately you still will have to manually sync the crop, as explained on the instructions page.

Other changes

  • The aspect ratio of the video will now be explicitly set in the metadata of exported video files to fulfill the demands of some stock agencies that otherwise would not have accepted the files.
  • On very small resolution screens the Render dialog could have been to high, made it a bit shorter.

As usually, the download links are available on the Download Page.
For any feedback, please use this thread in the forum!

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LRTimelapse 4.7 runs fine on Mac OS 10.12 Sierra

Just a quick note to let you know, that LRTimelapse 4.7.x runs fine on the latest Mac OS 10.12, codename “Sierra”. No actions necessary.


However, you might have to upgrade Lightroom. Check out Adobe’s notes.

If you still have LRTimelapse 2.x or 3.x you will have to upgrade your license to LRTimelapse 4 in order to work with Mac OS “El Capitan” or “Sierra”. You can get the upgrade in my Shop, in the section “Upgrades and Crossgrades”.


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LRTimelapse 4.7.1 Update available for Download

Dear LRTimelapse users, 4.7.1 is ready. This update brings several improvements and fixes. As usually I recommend to install it as soon as possible!

Windows users that use Windows Defender, please read my advice!

LRTimelapse 4.7Here is what’s new in 4.7.1

  • Converting to DNG when importing via the LRTimelapse Importer now shows and directly creates the previews while importing like normal imports do.
  • Improved the layout of the import and render dialog. Then now scale and look better on high resolution screens.
  • Fixed some more scaling issues on high resolution screens.
  • With some DNG sequences the white balance settings did not transfer to LRTimelapse, fixed.
  • Unfortunately in some very rare cases LRTimelapse cannot technically figure out if a DNG file contains Flat data (Temp/Tint has relative values, default is 0 in Lightroom) or RAW data (Temp/Tint have absolute values). This is why I’ve added a dialog to change the treatment of the WB if necessary. You can find it under “Metadata / Change WB handling. Please only use this feature in the (very rare) case, that your white balance values are not traveling to LRTimelapse. Currently I only found this happening for Cinema DNG files, all others should be auto-detected automatically.
  • You can now increase the scaling factor for the user interface up to 3 in the settings, but this is experimental! I haven’t tested scaling factors bigger then 2 since even on the 4K Monitor I’ve used, this was usually enough.
  • Updated ExifTool to 10.20.

Enjoy the new version! As usually you will find the download links on the download page. Just install it, no need to uninstall any former LRT4 version first.

All the best,

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ExifTool on Windows is slow or stalls (Windows Defender)

Unfortunately one of the latest virus signature updates for the Defender started to block or considerably slow down ExifTool.

You’ll notice that:

  1. LRTimelapse stalls at “Building User Interface” and does not launch at all
  2. or “Loading Exif Data” in LRTimelapse takes much longer as usually or stalls
  3. or Building Previews takes much longer as normally.

The LRTimelapse log file will then usually show "SubmitCommand -> Timeout. -> Relaunching Exiftool!!".

All this is because the Windows Defender blocks ExifTool.

I’ve already informed Phil, the developer of ExifTool, but obviously there is not so much he can do – at least he told Microsoft about the problem.

What do do to speed up ExifTool / LRTimelapse again

As work around I recommend adding C:\Program Files (x86)\LRTimelapse 4\exiftool.exe to the exceptions of Windows Defender:

  • Launch Defender (Hit “Windows”-Key, type “Defender”, Enter.
  • No go to Settings in the to right, then Exceptions -> Add Exception
  • Add a “File-Exception” (the topmost).
  • Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\LRTimelapse 4 and add exiftool.exe as Exception.

Now the speed when loading exifdata / building previews in LRTimelapse should be back to normal.

Let’s hope that Microsoft gets the Problem fixed asap.

Have a good day,

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LRTimelapse 4.7 update available for Download!

LRTimelapse 4.7LRTimelapse 4.7 update is now available as free download for all LRTimelapse 4 users.

This is new:

  • Added Support for Lightroom 6.6 / CC 2015.6 including the new Guided Upright parameters. Please note, that auto transition will statically populate the parameters from the first image. Keyframing of the Upright settings is not supported because it just does not make sense.
  • Performance improvements for playback and preview loading. Playback in Visual Preview mode should now be as performant as the playback of the camera previews.
  • Visual previews will now be held in memory in the dimensions defined in Settings/Preview settings, exactly as the camera previews. If you need even more performance when playing back, just set a smaller dimension there.
  • Improved handling of flat DNGs (DNGs where non RAW files like JPG or TIFF-files are embedded).
    We still need Adobe to allow the DNG Converter to convert those files in order to get visual previews for JPGs. Please support my request by voting here.
  • If LRTimelapse was closed while running on a second screen, and you restart LRTimelapse without that screen being present, a default window position on the first screen will be used.
  • Under rare conditions keyframing the rotation of a circular gradient could lead to values that Lightroom / the Camera RAW Converter would not accept and therefore ignore the whole gradient for that image. This has been fixed.
  • Wrong tooltip for LRCC/6/5/4 compatibility mode label – fixed.
  • Renamed “Hide unchanged columns” to “Hide equal columns”
  • Fixed German translation on Crop warning in LRTExport
  • Added beta translation to Brazilian Portuguese, thanks to Fernando Oliverira! We didn’t have much time to test it yet, if you find any problems with the translation, please let me know!

You can download LRTimelapse 4.7 on the download page!

Don’t forget to always upgrade your Adobe DNG Converter to the latest version too!

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LRTimelapse 4.6 available!

LRTimelapse 4.6 Update

LRTimelapse 4.6 available now!

This release comes with some polishing and a few fixes. Here is, what’s new!
LRTimelapse 4.6 is a free update for all LRTimelapse 4 users.

New, signed installers

  • Signed the application and the installers for Windows and Mac. No “Unidentified Developer” anymore, no annoying Gatekeeper message anymore. On Windows the UAC (User Account Control) will tell you that the installer is signed with an official certificate.
    On Windows, you will now get this UAC message, when installing (of course in your language):
    Please be aware that, since the certificate is still very new, Windows Smartscreen might still pop up – this will stop in the next days, as the certificate gets established.
    On Mac, you will get no Gatekeeper warning anymore, insead you’ll see the small lock on the top right of the installer, if you click it, you can view the Developer Certificate issued to me.
    LRTimelapse 4.6 installer on Mac
  • Made a new more stable installer for mac, that is much easier for me to maintain too.
  • In the recent Update 5 of LR6/CC Adobe introduced a check for file/folder permissions on mac, this could lead to a warning with older LRTimelapse installers. Fixed this in 4.6.

Improvements in LRTExport Lightroom Plugin

  • Added a check to LRTExport that will detect before exporting, if a sequence has differing crop aspect ratios. Such cases would most likely make the video encoder fail later. This new check will allow you to fix the problem before exporting and thus save time.
  • LRTExport plugin now allows using the root of a drive as Output Path. I’d still recommend using a subfolder, but it does not fail anymore now.

Improvements and fixes in LRTimelapse

  • Visual previews will now be displayed respecting the image dimensions after cropping.
  • Scrollbar thumbs disappeared when a sequence of more then 1,000 images or a large folder stucture was loaded, fixed.
  • While importing, playback of a sequence would sometimes have stuttered, fixed.
  • When deleting or moving files while the previews were being loaded, the blue curve could get “gaps”, due to previews not loaded, this would for example prevent the Holy Grail Wizard from being enabled. this is not happening anymore.
  • When turning off the visual previews after deflickering, the green “smoothing” curve was not deactivated.
  • Resetting the visual deflicker via the “Reset” Button would not let you save the sequence without activating deflicker again, the same was happening when clicking on the table header of the deflicker column and selecting “Initialize”. Both will now completely clear the deflicker and let you save.
  • Added the display of a percent complete info below the preview when generating visual previews.
  • Play Button will now be deactivated when visual previews are activated but not finished generating.
  • Gained some space in the UI by moving the process indicator to the menu bar next to the other indicators.
  • Workflow buttons are a little bit wider now to prevent breaking labels on some mac systems.
  • Settings dialog is a bit wider now too.

Please enjoy the new version, I put a lot of dedication into it! Especially creating the new, signed installer for the Mac took me quite some days (thank you Apple for making things ridiculously complicated).

As usually, you can download the new version from the download page.

If you still didn’t upgrade to LRT4, please do so, otherwise you are missing all the great new features and improved workflows! You can get an upgrade for your license key here, on the tab “Upgrades and Crossgrades”.

Happy Easter!

Happy Timelapsing!

Happy Timelapsing!

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Timelapse Film Festival 2016 in Los Angeles

I’m super exited to be one of the judges at the Timelapse Film Festival 2016 in Los Angeles – along with the Crème de la Crème of Time Lapse Photography: Godfrey Reggio, Gary Yost, Peter Bill and Tom Lowe. Submissions are open now, so make sure to participate and probably join us in person this summer in LA – this will be super cool!

Timelapse Festival 2016Let me quote from the press release for the event:

The annual Timelapse Film Festival has been established to celebrate Timelapse filmmakers world-wide. For the inaugural event, an industry leading panel of judges has been assembled, including Godfrey Reggio (Director of Koyaanisqatsi), Gunther Wegner (Inventor of LRTimelapse Software), Gary Yost (Noted Timelapse Filmmaker/Photographer) and Peter Bill (Professor of New Media and Interdisciplinary Arts at Western New Mexico University) and Tom Lowe (Award-Winning Cinematographer and Director of “Timescapes”).

The 2016 Timelapse Film Festival is focused on bringing together the world-wide community of Timelapse Filmmakers and the world-wide audience of enthusiasts who love viewing Timelapse films. Submissions of Timelapse films, handled through Film Freeway, will be accepted world-wide starting March 12, 2016.

In order to highlight the amazing quality and volume of Timelapse films, five categories have been established, including:

  • Nature,
  • Cityscape/Industrial,
  • Northern Lights,
  • Documentary/Social Commentary and
  • Experimental.

Juried awards will be given in each category, as well as the Grand Prize “Best in Show” Award. In addition to the Juried awards, Timelapse enthusiasts from around the world can vote on-line for their “People’s Favorite” film.

The Timelapse Film Festival and Awards Ceremony will be held on August 13, 2016 at the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica, California. The event will showcase the top films in each category. The Awards, including “Best in Show” will be presented at the event. Tickets to the Timelapse Film Festival and Awards Ceremony will be available to the general public.

The non-profit American Cinematheque will have timelapse related programming all weekend at the Aero Theatre, in addition to the Timelapse Film Festival day. Details will appear on the website as information becomes available.

Hoping to see many of you participate by submitting your work and, if you can, meet you in LA this summer! 🙂

Please find all information about the Timelapse Film Festival on

Special Bonus for LRTimelapse users:

With the discount code “LRTEARLY” you’ll get 25% discount on the submission fee until March 26th.

Thanks to Casey Kiernan, for organizing such a great festival!
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Emotimo Spectrum – First impressions

I’ve recently had a “hands on” on the new Emotimo Spectrum together with Matthias Uhlig from Kids-of-all-ages.

Check out my video!

If you are interested in the Spectrum, you can get it from in Europe or in the US.

Continue reading

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LRTimelapse 4.5.1 update


LRTimelapse 4.5.1 is a smaller, non mandatory update.

I mainly released it, because I had two very special cases, where the Auto-Transition failed on certain mac environments. I’m still not sure what exactly caused this, since I cannot reproduce on my environment, it but I managed to work around it.

Additionally I fixed some smaller annoyances with the scrollbars of the folder choosers.

So this upgrade is not mandatory, if LRTimelapse 4.5 works flawlessly for you.

  • Fixed Auto Transition on a few, very special mac environments
  • When multi-selecting folder in the export dialog, the scrollbar always jumped to the first selected folder after selecting an additional one, fixed
  • Scrollbars of folder choosers will now initially stay on the left
  • Small fixes in Spanish translation

Get LRTimelapse 4.5.1 on the Download page.

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LRTimelapse 4.5 Update

LRTimelapse 4.5 is now available for download and brings some nice improvements!

LRTimelapse 4.5And this is what’s new.

New Features in LRTimelapse 4.5

  • Added Support for the new Local Dehaze in Lightroom 6.2 / CC.2 on Linear, Circular Gradients and the Paintbrush.
  • The number of threads used to generate the visual previews will now be set automatically according to the number of cores that the processor has. This will considerably speed up the generation of the visual previews on computers with more than 4 cores. If you have a Pro-License, you can even configure the number of threads to be used manually in the settings dialog (expert settings).
  • The Visual Deflicker “Refine” option will now work finer in order to allow for the best deflickering in difficult situations.
  • The Visual Deflicker “Refine” will not anymore redo images, that are already well deflickered. This will considerably speed up the refining process, if you have to do several passes.
  • Added support for new raw formats: RWL, ERF, 3FR, DCR, KDC, MOS, X3F
  • Spanish Translation added – thank you Jaime Aguirre from!


  • When manually launching a render in original Size from original sized intermediaries, the image sizes would not be rounded to 8 pixel multiples, making the encoder sometimes fail.
  • “Shift Date-Time” will now show an error if the Exif-Date/Time field is corrupt

I’ve been doing the whole processing of my film Northern Skies 4K with a preliminary version of LRTimelapse 4.5 and it worked really, really stable and fast. I’m sure, you will enjoy the new Version!

LRTimelapse 4.5 is a free update for all users, that have a LRTimelapse 4 license.

How to upgrade

To upgrade, just download the new Version from the Download page and install. There is no need to uninstall a previous LRT4.x version before. Only if you are updating from LRT3, please uninstall the old version, before installing LRT4.

If you are still using LRTimelapse 3

LRT4 is so much better and easier to use than the old version (learn why). Make sure to upgrade your license, if you can. You can get a discounted upgrade for any older LRTimelapse license in my shop on the tab “Upgrades and Crossgrades”.

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