Blog and latest News and the Forum now with responsive design!

Dear LRTimelapse community,

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve implemented a responsive design now for both, the website and the LRTimelapse Forum. That means they work well on devices with different resolutions and screen sizes including tablets and smartphones.

Additionally, on I’ve redesigned the shop-page and hope it’s even easier to understand and use now.

The forum now has a completely modernized theme that looks much nicer and modern, not only on mobile devices.

I hope, you enjoy the changes – let me know in the forum, you can use the Open Discussion Board to give me feedback.

All the best for you

PS: Great to see from the feedback, how many of you already started building their own LRTimelapse Pro-Timer free! Awesome! 🙂

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LRTimelapse Pro-Timer Free – Building Instructions for the DIY Intervalometer

The LRTimelapse Pro-Timer Free is a DIY open source intervalometer for timelapse, macro and astro photographers.
I’ve developed it because I couldn’t find a single intervalometer on the market that could really satisfy all of my needs as a timelapse and astro photographer.

Now I’m sharing the build instructions with you for free. Check it out!

→ Go to the LRTimelapse Pro-Timer Free Page

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LRTimelapse 4.7.5 – This is new

LRTimelapse 4.7.5 is out and it brings a lot of improvements. I’ve been working hard on this release in the last weeks to get it out as soon as possible.

Especially the improved support for external ramping tools like the timelapse+ View and improvements for working with Cinema-DNG files were things that I wanted to get to you as soon as possible. The windows version does not need java installed anymore (likewise as on mac) and along with this, I’ve fixed and improved several things to make your workflow easier and more streamlined. For example, I’ve managed to significantly speed up the initial preview generation and import for several cameras, including Canon and Fuji.

Check out the details:


  • Considerably sped up preview loading for several cameras (for example canon, fuji etc.)
  • Added preview support for (Cinema)-DNG files, that do not have any camera previews embedded. The raw files have to be demosaiced for this, so it’s slower as the normal preview extraction. But this is the only way to get the regular previews for such images like Cinema DNG (visual previews have always worked!).
  • Using systems temp folder for preview conversions now, this might speed up visual preview generation when working on slow drives like network drives.


  • Users with a private License can now control the number of threads used when creating the visual previews, like pro users. The setting is in the Expert Settings.
  • Increased the number of possible threads to 24.

Support for external ramping devices

  • Improved support for external rampers like Timelapse+ View or RamperPro
  • Added a dialog when external xmp corrections from one of those devices exist and the user tries to invoke the holy grail wizard. In that case, the external corrections would be overwritten by LRTimelapse’s Holy Grail wizard. Both usually provide very similar results. Now the user can decide, if he wants to use the external corrections, or LRTimelapse’s Holy Grail Wizard.
  • When the external corrections are being migrated to LRTimelapse’s background layer (to enable keyframing of the exposure), the old exposure column was not always cleared, fixed.


  • Added missing support for parameter “Color Noise Reduction Smoothness”.
  • Metadata/Initialize in some cases left some old edits. It will now reset everything to a clean starting point, as expected.
  • Clear Metadata will now really clear everything. You can then save and exit the sequence. If you want to continue working on it, you have to re-initialize it via Metadata/Initialize. There will be a dialog telling you this.
  • Added the column “RAW Quality” to the table. It’s correlated to the white balance treatment. RAW means “Absolute WB Treatment”, FLAT means “Relative WB Treatment”.
  • Inconsistent white balance treatment in a sequence is now being detected and the user gets a popup asking to define the sequence mode.
  • Added Date-Time support for (some types of) Cinema DNG files.


  • Windows 64bit: Like on mac, no individual Java install is needed anymore on Windows 64. That means, if you only needed Java for LRTimelapse, you can uninstall it now via control panel.
  • Windows 64bit: LRTimelapse will now be installed into Program Files\LRTimelapse 4 – not anymore into the 32bit folder Program Files (x86). Therefore, please uninstall any former LRTimelapse before installing 4.7.5.
  • Windows 32 bit: On a 32bit windows, you’ll still need to install java manually, then use the launcher “LRTimelapse 4_32bit” from start menu. Please note that 32bit usage is not tested and officially not supported anymore and will soon be removed competely.
  • On some Windows systems where LRT3 was still installed, the paths to the external tools could have pointed to the old LRT3 variants. This will now be automatically detected and fixed.
  • Sequence properties sometimes failed to save. Fixed.
  • Updated all external tools to the latest versions.

Video Export and rendering

  • Added an option to the advanced options of the LRTExport pluing, to force exporting the intermediary sequence in sRGB color gamut instead of AdobeRGB. This is only a fallback for users on older systems that experience color problems with the default wide-gamut workflow.
  • LRTimelapse Render dialog will automatically detect if the intermediary sequence was rendered in sRGB or AdobeRGB and switch between Wide Gamut (BT2020) and Standard (BT709) color space.
  • When the video encoder produces an error, the “ding”-sound will not be played anymore and the explorer/finder not opened.
  • The Low Quality setting on h.264 and h.265 rendered with higher quality than MQ. Fixed.
  • Filename sort will now be forced, when date/time exif data is not complete.

User interface

  • Fixed wrong Preview-Lum column display when no camera previews were found in the files.
  • Sequences without Exif-Data or incomplete Date/Time records did not always switch automatically to filename-sort. Fixed.

Make sure to update as soon as possible. Just install the new version over the old one. As always, all 4.x.x releases are free updates for users with a LRT4 license.

→ Get the download!

For any feedback to this update, please use this forum thread!

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My interview with the Photopreneur Podcast

Just recently I’ve been invited by the Photopreneur Podcast to talk a little bit about LRTimelapse, the development of my activities in the last years as a business and my understanding how to deal with customers and job offers.

But maybe I’ll better quote the guys from Photopreneur Podcast and their announcement:

Gunther had a full time job whilst working on the side with a blog and a LRTimelapse. We talk about making the transition from your job to your own thing, traveling, workshops, working for pleasure and doing projects that you are excited about. We also talking about using gear that you can afford and instead invest in your creativity, utilize your time effectively to create something. The side of business that isn’t attractive also makes it into the conversation, the amount of time that it actually takes to establish a meaningful business, having to do accounting and all those unexciting parts. We had a fantastic time chatting with Gunther, he keeps it real, authentic and is great inspiration to keep on charging with your business.

I really enjoyed chatting with those guys. So check out the podcast if you are interested in some personal insights.

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I  just wanted to let you know, that I’ve secured and the forum to work via SSL/HTTPS now.

That means, that you will automatically be redirected to whenever you come to or the forum.

The whole communication between your browser and my server will be encrypted. Especially when buying in the shop and entering your data, that increases security.

You should see a green lock or similar on the left of the location bar in your browser, like this:

I’ve done my best to populate the changes to every single page. But should you ever find a subpage on that does not show the closed green lock, but instead a warning message, please let me know (email to support(at)lrtimelapse(dot)com).

The LRTimelapse Forum

If changed the forum too to be delivered over https now. But of course, this also means, that any embedded content has to be served via https too. So especially embedding external images into your posts, will require them to come via https. Therefore I recommend, to always use the upload feature, if you want to embed your images and not link to external sources. The same goes for your avatars. I had to deactivate any external avatars that were served via http. So please check and reupload your avatar, if necessary!

Tapatalk users

If you use Tapatalk to access the forum via your mobile devices, there might be some initial glitches, while the old addresses are still in Tapatalk’s cache, this should go away in one or two days. If they don’t, just remove the LRTimelapse forum from Tapatalk and add it again.

I hope that the improved security is something, that you appreciate. Please let me know any questions in the forum.

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6 years of LRTimelapse!

LRTimelapse just got 6 years old! Time to say thank you!

It’s been a long way from the first public beta (I guess it was named 0.8, but I don’t have screenshots anymore…) to the current version of LRTimelapse. Back in the days it started with simple XMP based transitions, that already helped a lot when editing.

End of 2010: LRTimelapse 0.9 – one of the first public versions.

Never would I have imagined that in the next 6 years this little tool would advance to the most used time lapse tool on PCs and Macs around the world – with features like multi step visual deflicker, holy grail wizard, an own importer, an own rendering module with resolutions up to 8K and more in production quality, seamless Lightroom integration via plugin, a great motion blur engine, dedicated filters for long term time lapses, multiple keyframe layers, etc. etc…
Never ever would I have imagined!

LRTimelapse 4.7.4 Pro

The latest version of LRTimelapse by end of 2016.

Two years later, in 2012, LRTimelapse allowed me to make my dream come true: quitting my job as an IT project manager and making a living as independent developer, photographer, trainer, film maker. Spending my time doing things that I really love. Meeting great people. Traveling the world!


So – thanks again, for supporting my visions, by buying a license and spreading the word about LRTimelapse!

I can ensure you, that I have lots of great ideas how to further improve your time lapse experience in the future! Stay tuned…

One of the greatest gifts for me is to see, what you guys do with my software. To see it being a catalyst for your creativity! To see the results, your films. Thanks for making this happen!

Stay creative and all the best to you

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LRTimelapse 4.7.4 update available for download

LRTimelapse 4.7.4 is ready and mostly fixes an issue with the video encoder that was introduced in the Windows version of 4.7.3. This made me speed up this update.

LRTimelapse 4.7

But since I already had some other things done, I decided to release 4.7.4 and advise to upgrade on any system.

These are the changes in 4.7.4:

  • Fixed out of memory render error with video exports in 4K and bigger introduced in the windows version 4.7.3.
  • Reload would require to wait for the previews to get generated, this has been changed. Now you can proceed through the full workflow without having to wait for the (camera) previews to be loaded. Please note that in the Basic workflow, of course you will need the camera previews (blue line) to be able deflicker.
    This change especially makes sense for long JPG sequences that you wouldn’t deflicker and where preview generation would take very long.
  • In the Basic Workflow the Deflicker button now will be deactivated as long as the previews haven’t been completely generated and loaded.
  • Improved handling of the render interface between LR and LRT. In very rare cases the interface could get stuck and then try to render one file again and again.
  • LRTimelapse will now ignore files that start with a dot. Such files sometimes are generated by Mac OS when working on drives that not support extended attributes.

As usually, you will find the new version on the Download page. Just download and install. No need to uninstall any former version of LRT4.

Keep enjoying LRTimelapse and please let me know about any questions or issues in the forum!

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LRTimelapse 4.7.3 update available for download

LRTimelapse 4.7Unfortunately I had to quickly release 4.7.3 after 4.7.2. The reason was an unfortunate bug that was introduced with 4.7.2 that prevented Pro users from rendering in Original size.

That said, if you are using LRTimelapse with the free or private license or don’t render in “original” size, you don’t necessarily need to upgrade instantly, although I recommend doing so because of the additional changes in this version.

Changes and fixes in 4.7.3

  • Improved color accuracy over the export and render process. Especially difficult scenes with very saturated colors now render very close to the original look in Lightroom. The whole processing chain had to be optimized for this, hat means you’ll only see a difference, if you reexport with the new LRTExport plugin 4.7.3 and rerender with LRTimelapse 4.7.3.
  • Added consistency checking and possible cleanup for visual previews folder on load.
  • Bugfix: when rendering in original size, writing the Aspect Ratio Metadata introduced in 4.7.2 unfortunately failed (error: wrong aspect ratio – infinity). Fixed.
  • Updated exiftool and ffmpeg

A word about the improved color rendition: I don’t see the need to redo old sequences on a large scale. But if you have a sequence where you are struggling with the colors and really see a difference between the Lightroom editing and the clip in a video player, you might get closer results with the new approach. Please turn off “Motion Blur Plus” if you do comparisons, since this filter might change colors and contrast especially in high settings. Please note, that different video players might render colors differently too. I have very good experience with MPC-Player on windows. Apart from that it’s always the best choice to bring the sequence into a video editing program like Adobe Premiere rather then a video player to judge the colors.

Sorry again for the bug in 4.7.2. Please let me know about your feedback about 4.7.3 in this forum post.

As usually you will find the download links on the download page.

All the best

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LRTimelapse 4.7.2 update available for Download

LRTimelapse 4.7.2 is available for download now!

Sync Script now considers crop settings

LRTimelapse 4.7The biggest news is, that the Sync-Script in Lightroom now considers the Crop-Settings when using Lightroom 6/CC. This saves the step of manually synching the crop after using the script.
Please note that this will only work with Lightroom >= 6 and CC.

This is only possible because of an undocumented feature that Adobe has buried in the Lightroom 6 SDK. No guarantees that they don’t change it again. So please let me know, if you experience any problems when using the new sync script.

With older Lightroom versions, unfortunately you still will have to manually sync the crop, as explained on the instructions page.

Other changes

  • The aspect ratio of the video will now be explicitly set in the metadata of exported video files to fulfill the demands of some stock agencies that otherwise would not have accepted the files.
  • On very small resolution screens the Render dialog could have been to high, made it a bit shorter.

As usually, the download links are available on the Download Page.
For any feedback, please use this thread in the forum!

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LRTimelapse 4.7 runs fine on Mac OS 10.12 Sierra

Just a quick note to let you know, that LRTimelapse 4.7.x runs fine on the latest Mac OS 10.12, codename “Sierra”. No actions necessary.


However, you might have to upgrade Lightroom. Check out Adobe’s notes.

If you still have LRTimelapse 2.x or 3.x you will have to upgrade your license to LRTimelapse 4 in order to work with Mac OS “El Capitan” or “Sierra”. You can get the upgrade in my Shop, in the section “Upgrades and Crossgrades”.


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