On this page you’ll find reviews and reports about the gear I personally use for my time lapse shooting or have tested.
Please note, that the impressions I share, are personal ones, from my perspective as a user. I don’t get payed for any of those reviews.

Motion Control

The Emotimo Spectrum

The Spectrum is the successor of the Emotimo TB3 and one of the most advanced motorized heads for Time lapse and video.
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The Rhino Slider in combination with the Emotimo
– the most portable slider I own

The Rhino Slider is super lightweight, so I use the 60cm version when traveling and have to carry the gear over longer distances.
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The SCYO Dolly from South Africa
– the most solid and reliable slider I own

I use this one, if I need maximum stability, extensibility and a low profile. It is reliable and sturdy even in difficult conditions and works with Stepper-Motors as well as DC-Motors. It carries the EMotimo and a heavy camera with ease.
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The EMotimo TB3 solo and in combination with the Dynamic Perception Stage One

This is the combination I use, when I need a rather long but still lightweight slider plus Pan-/Tilt head.
In the following two videos I introduce the EMotimo TB-3, compare it with the Merlin-Head and explain how to use it to even control a Slider in substitution for the MX-2 controller.
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Dynamic Perception – Stage One (German)

This is a video-review of the Stage one in German language.
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Shooting the Holy Grail with DslrDashboard

Shooting day to night and night to day transitions ideally involves changing Shutterspeed and ISO during shooting. In this video I show you an smart but inexpensive solution to control your camera via tablet or smartphone and ramp exposure and ISO settings during sunrise and sunset. The Auto-Holy Grail feature even enables you to do this in “auto pilot mode”.
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