EMotimo TB3

This is my review of the EMotimo TB3, a great 2 axis head for time lapse photography and video, even capable to control a 3rd axis (see part 2).

In the second part of my review, I show you how to mount the EMotimo on a Dynamic Perception Stage One Dolly and control everything with the EMotimo controller. This combination allows controlling 3 axis (Pan/Tilt/Slide) all together.

Checkout emotimo.com and dynamicperception.com for further details.


If you are interested in buying an EMotimo TB3 you can use this code at checkout to get the camera connector cable (12US$) for free: LRTMarchDeal

Stepper Motors for the Stage One

These are the stepper motors I use:

  • The slow, but strong one for angled shots, available for example at phidgets or robotshop.
  • The faster one for video and horizontal movements (30 secs. end to end on a horizontal 6 ft. dolly), available for example at phidgets or robotshop.

Additionally needed:

  • 4 screws – M3 – 12mm long to attach the motor to the sled
  • A way to connect the motor to the TB3, for example a jumper like this.

How to wire the jumper (this is Brians explanation, thank you for that):

Step 2 – Wire the motor

The plug is a 4 wire .100″ pitch female connector. These jumper cables have the right connector – you can just solder or crimp them to your motor wires and you will have a motor with the right connector – http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9920.

Off the motor, are Black and Green (one coil) and Blue and Red (the other coil). Just wire these so that they are in order on the Molex connector –

Black Motor –> Black jumper
Green Motor –> Red jumper
Blue Motor –> Orange jumper
Red Motor –> Yellow jumper

If you don’t like the direction after you turn it on, just reverse the order of one coil – like this:

Black Motor –> Black jumper
Green Motor –> Red jumper
Blue Motor –> Yellow jumper
Red Motor –> Orange jumper

Dynamic perception is now shipping a motor-quick-release-system that makes changing motors much easier.

One Way Head from Sirui

Here is the One Way Head I use to mount the EMotimo on the Stage One Dolly:


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