EMotimo TB3

This is my review of the EMotimo TB3, a great 2 axis head for time lapse photography and video, even capable to control a 3rd axis (see part 2).


In the second part of my review, I show you how to mount the EMotimo on a Dynamic Perception Stage One Dolly and control everything with the EMotimo controller. This combination allows controlling 3 axis (Pan/Tilt/Slide) all together.


Checkout emotimo.com and dynamicperception.com for further details.

Stepper Motors for the Stage One

These are the stepper motors I use:

  • The slow, but strong one for angled shots, available for example at phidgets or robotshop.
  • The faster one for video and horizontal movements (30 secs. end to end on a horizontal 6 ft. dolly), available for example at phidgets or robotshop.

Additionally needed:

  • 4 screws – M3 – 12mm long to attach the motor to the sled
  • A way to connect the motor to the TB3, for example a jumper like this.

How to wire the jumper (this is Brians explanation, thank you for that):

Step 2 – Wire the motor

The plug is a 4 wire .100″ pitch female connector. These jumper cables have the right connector – you can just solder or crimp them to your motor wires and you will have a motor with the right connector – http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9920.

Off the motor, are Black and Green (one coil) and Blue and Red (the other coil). Just wire these so that they are in order on the Molex connector –

Black Motor –> Black jumper
Green Motor –> Red jumper
Blue Motor –> Orange jumper
Red Motor –> Yellow jumper

If you don’t like the direction after you turn it on, just reverse the order of one coil – like this:

Black Motor –> Black jumper
Green Motor –> Red jumper
Blue Motor –> Yellow jumper
Red Motor –> Orange jumper

Dynamic perception is now shipping a motor-quick-release-system that makes changing motors much easier.

One Way Head from Sirui

Here is the One Way Head I use to mount the EMotimo on the Stage One Dolly:


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