Firmware Updates

Firmware updates for the LRTimelapse Pro Timer 2.5

Download LRT Pro Timer 2.5 Firmware

Right next to the USB-Plug, you’ll find the hidden reset button.

Update the firmware

  1. Power on your timer.
  2. Connect the LRT Pro Timer to your computer using a standard micro-USB cable (some simple charging cables might not work, make sure to use a cable which can transfer data, for example from a HDD, SSD or Mobile Phone, if you need to buy one, this or this will definitely work).
  3. Use a pen or paperclip to double click on the hidden reset button on the left side of the timer, next to the usb port.
  4. After the double click, the timer display will freeze (turning the knob will not change anything anymore). If the display didn’t freeze, double click the reset button again until it freezes.
  5. A new drive called “LRTPROTIMER” will get mounted on your computer.
    (If this doesn’t happen, please try another USB cable, another USB port or another computer.)
  6. Copy the .uf2 file contained in the zip archive directly to the root of the LRTPROTIMER-drive.
    (On Mac the internal zip utility sometimes doesn’t recognize the archive, in such cases please use a dedicated unzip tool, like The Unarchiver.)
  7. After the UF2 file has been copied to the LRT Pro Timer, the device will reboot instantly with the new firmware.
  8. Remove the USB Cable.

Get notified about future firmware updates!

To get notified, please subscribe to the Firmware Updates Forum. To do so, sign in to the forum, then click on the top right on “Subscribe to this Forum“.

Firmware Updates for the LRT Pro Timer 2.0 Hardware

The older Hardware of the LRT Pro Timer 2.0 can also be flashed with the firmware of the LRT Pro Timer 2.5. Just make sure to go to Settings once after booting into the 2.5 Firmware and set Hardware Version to 2.0. Click to save to the flash memory.

You’ll only have to do this once. This setting will prevent issues with the battery indicator, because the 2.0 hardware still does not support a charging-indicator.

Version History

You’ll find the version history with all changes in the file “releasenotes.txt” inside the firmware archive. Also you’ll find notes about all changes in the Firmware Updates Forum. I recommend to subscribe to that forum (button on the top right) in order to receive an email notification as soon as a new firmware is available.

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