Motion Control

Using the LRT PRO Timer together with motion control devices

When shooting timelapses from a slider and/or pan-tilt head, the camera usually will be triggered by the motion controller. In most cases however, you could also use the LRT PRO Timer to trigger the whole setup to take advantage from his features, like interval ramping for example.

The only requirement for this is that your motion controller supports “slave mode”, that means, it can be externally triggered. Currently, this is the case for Emotimo devices (including Spectrum), the NMX from Dynamic Perception, the Pine Controller from Black Forest Motion and others.

  • Connect the release camera-port of the LRTimelapse PRO Timer with a TRS-cable (2.5mm trs on both ends) (, with the Aux-input of the motion controller.
  • Next, connect the camera port of the motion controller to your camera using the standard release cable.
    You could also use one of the camera ports of the LRT PRO Timer to trigger the camera and the other on to trigger the controller.
  • Now activate the slave mode on your controller.
    • For the NMX you press the blue button of the controller three times quickly.
    • For the Emotimo Spectrum, you just put the controller in pause mode after having programmed it to enable slave.
    • For the Pine Controller just set “Slave” when configuring the interval.

When in slave mode, the controller will wait for an external trigger before triggering a move. The trigger will be coming from the LRT PRO Timer. In that way, you can use all options of your new LRT PRO Timer, also while capturing pictures with motion control.

Advantages of using the LRT Pro Timer instead of the integrated intervalometer of the motion controller:

  • You can use sophisticated features like interval ramping, which motion controllers often do not use
  • You have a better control about the shooting, because the LRT Pro Timer is an external device whose display is always awailable whereas many motion controllers require you to connect your smartphone, launch the app etc. to see how many pictures you have take, how much time is left etc.
  • Using the LRT Pro Timer to control a motion controller in slave mode allows you to do the whole operative shooting without having to use your smart-device (once you’ve initially programmed the movement) which allows you to use the smart device to do the holy grail adjustments via qDslrDashboard / ControlMyCamera for example.

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