Quick Start

Congratulations, you’ve just obtained one of the most advanced intervalometers for timelapse and astro photography!

In the following, I will give you a quick overview on how to start easily get started.

Connectors: two cameras (2.5mm TRS), the Micro USB Port and the hidden reset-button.

Charge the battery

After unboxing your new LRTimelapse PRO Timer 2.5 please make sure to fully charge the battery. You can use any Micro-USB-Charger to charge the battery.

While the timer is switched off, you won’t see any indication that the timer is charging, this is by design, to avoid any light emitting LED on the timer.

While charging, however, you can turn on your timer with the small switch on the right side next to the rotator. Then you’ll see a battery charging indication and you can start experimenting with your new timer right away.

Just let it charge fully, before you disconnect the charger.

Set Date/Time

You’ll see the welcome screen and since the timer has a battery powered real time clock, you will be prompted to set the current date time – you’ll only have to do this once.

To set the date and time, just use the rotator to increase/decrease the number. Clicking shortly on the rotator selects the next value, pressing the button a bit longer (>1/4 sec) goes back to the previous value.

Update the Firmware

Please update the firmware of your new timer, before you start using it. The shipped units come with an early firmware, which still might have issues. If your device shows an older firmware than the one offered on the Firmware Update Page, you should definitely update before starting using your new LRT Pro Timer.

You’ll see the firmware which is currently installed during the boot process of the Timer or in the Status-Screen which you can access from the main menu.

Check out the Firmware Update Page, whether there is an update available and follow the  instructions there on how to do the update. Don’t worry, the update process as easy as it can be!

The rotator is the only input interface that you’ll need to operate the timer.

Basic Operation – the Rotator

Having this done, you’ve already learned about the basic navigation in the menu of the LRT PRO Timer. It couldn’t be easier:

Pressing the button shortly (I’ll call this “click” from now on) is like “Ok / Next / Enter”, holding the button a bit longer (I’ll call this “long press” from now on) is like “Back / Cancel”.

Rotating the knob, changes values or navigates the menu up or down. The faster you rotate, the faster the values change.

The two hot-shoe mounts allow mounting the LRT PRO Timer to your camera easily in two different angles. Additionally on the bottom there is n eyelet to pass a velcro to attach it directly to a tripod for example.

Attaching the LRT PRO Timer to your camera

The LRT PRO Timer features a couple of options to connect it to your camera. The most basic are the two Hot-Shoe mounts, which allow you to put the LRT PRO Timer in two angles on top of your camera.

Additionally you’ll find a larger eyelet at the bottom of the timer, which will accommodate a velcro strap.

Next to the rotator, you’ll find a smaller eyelet, which will allow you to thread a thinner line through to secure the timer, if you want.

Choosing the right cable to connect your camera

The specific cable for your camera is not included, because most timelapse photographers will usually already possess such a cable. If you don’t, you can buy it at any camera store, amazon, ebay etc. Just search for “camera remote shutter release cable <your camera>“.

More information about the right cables and some links to where you could get them online.

Your first interval shooting

  • From the main screen, select Timelapse (M) with a click.
  • Dial in the desired interval by rotating up/down, click.
  • Select, if you would like to define a certain number of shots, by default the timer will shoot until you stop him, this is been shown as unlimited.

    If you dial down from here, you’ll be able to define the number of shots and the time will show you how long it will take to shoot those with the given interval.

    Also (from Firmware R11 on) you’ll see, the estimated play time of the resulting video with the given frames per second (fps). You can change that fps value in the settings.
  • Click will start the timelapse.

The running Screen

Depending on if you have defined a maximum number of images or “unlimited”, you’ll get different information on the running screen.

  • Maximum number of images defined:

    • Remaining time, interval, battery
    • Number of shots performed, time to next shot
    • Remaining images, total time elapsed.
  • Unlimited

    • Similar to above, but remaining time and remaining images will not be displayed.

Congratulations, the LRTimelapse PRO Timer is capturing your first timelapse! 🙂

On the next page, I’ll explain some additional features, which you might like.

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