ExifTool on Windows is slow or stalls (Windows Defender)

Unfortunately one of the latest virus signature updates for the Defender started to block or considerably slow down ExifTool.

You’ll notice that:

  1. LRTimelapse stalls at “Building User Interface” and does not launch at all
  2. or “Loading Exif Data” in LRTimelapse takes much longer as usually or stalls
  3. or Building Previews takes much longer as normally.

The LRTimelapse log file will then usually show "SubmitCommand -> Timeout. -> Relaunching Exiftool!!".

All this is because the Windows Defender blocks ExifTool.

I’ve already informed Phil, the developer of ExifTool, but obviously there is not so much he can do – at least he told Microsoft about the problem.

What do do to speed up ExifTool / LRTimelapse again

As work around I recommend adding C:\Program Files\LRTimelapse 5\exiftool.exe to the exceptions of Windows Defender:

  • Launch Defender (Hit “Windows”-Key, type “Defender”, Enter.
  • No go to Settings in the to right, then Exceptions -> Add Exception
  • Add a “File-Exception” (the topmost).
  • Navigate to C:\Program Files\LRTimelapse 5 and add exiftool.exe as Exception.

Now the speed when loading exifdata / building previews in LRTimelapse should be back to normal.

Let’s hope that Microsoft gets the Problem fixed asap.

Have a good day,

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