LRTimelapse 4.5 Update

LRTimelapse 4.5 is now available for download and brings some nice improvements!

LRTimelapse 4.5And this is what’s new.

New Features in LRTimelapse 4.5

  • Added Support for the new Local Dehaze in Lightroom 6.2 / CC.2 on Linear, Circular Gradients and the Paintbrush.
  • The number of threads used to generate the visual previews will now be set automatically according to the number of cores that the processor has. This will considerably speed up the generation of the visual previews on computers with more than 4 cores. If you have a Pro-License, you can even configure the number of threads to be used manually in the settings dialog (expert settings).
  • The Visual Deflicker “Refine” option will now work finer in order to allow for the best deflickering in difficult situations.
  • The Visual Deflicker “Refine” will not anymore redo images, that are already well deflickered. This will considerably speed up the refining process, if you have to do several passes.
  • Added support for new raw formats: RWL, ERF, 3FR, DCR, KDC, MOS, X3F
  • Spanish Translation added – thank you Jaime Aguirre from!


  • When manually launching a render in original Size from original sized intermediaries, the image sizes would not be rounded to 8 pixel multiples, making the encoder sometimes fail.
  • “Shift Date-Time” will now show an error if the Exif-Date/Time field is corrupt

I’ve been doing the whole processing of my film Northern Skies 4K with a preliminary version of LRTimelapse 4.5 and it worked really, really stable and fast. I’m sure, you will enjoy the new Version!

LRTimelapse 4.5 is a free update for all users, that have a LRTimelapse 4 license.

How to upgrade

To upgrade, just download the new Version from the Download page and install. There is no need to uninstall a previous LRT4.x version before. Only if you are updating from LRT3, please uninstall the old version, before installing LRT4.

If you are still using LRTimelapse 3

LRT4 is so much better and easier to use than the old version (learn why). Make sure to upgrade your license, if you can. You can get a discounted upgrade for any older LRTimelapse license in my shop on the tab “Upgrades and Crossgrades”.

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