LRTimelapse 4.7.1 Update available for Download

Dear LRTimelapse users, 4.7.1 is ready. This update brings several improvements and fixes. As usually I recommend to install it as soon as possible!

Windows users that use Windows Defender, please read my advice!

LRTimelapse 4.7Here is what’s new in 4.7.1

  • Converting to DNG when importing via the LRTimelapse Importer now shows and directly creates the previews while importing like normal imports do.
  • Improved the layout of the import and render dialog. Then now scale and look better on high resolution screens.
  • Fixed some more scaling issues on high resolution screens.
  • With some DNG sequences the white balance settings did not transfer to LRTimelapse, fixed.
  • Unfortunately in some very rare cases LRTimelapse cannot technically figure out if a DNG file contains Flat data (Temp/Tint has relative values, default is 0 in Lightroom) or RAW data (Temp/Tint have absolute values). This is why I’ve added a dialog to change the treatment of the WB if necessary. You can find it under “Metadata / Change WB handling. Please only use this feature in the (very rare) case, that your white balance values are not traveling to LRTimelapse. Currently I only found this happening for Cinema DNG files, all others should be auto-detected automatically.
  • You can now increase the scaling factor for the user interface up to 3 in the settings, but this is experimental! I haven’t tested scaling factors bigger then 2 since even on the 4K Monitor I’ve used, this was usually enough.
  • Updated ExifTool to 10.20.

Enjoy the new version! As usually you will find the download links on the download page. Just install it, no need to uninstall any former LRT4 version first.

All the best,

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