LRTimelapse 4.7.3 update available for download

LRTimelapse 4.7Unfortunately I had to quickly release 4.7.3 after 4.7.2. The reason was an unfortunate bug that was introduced with 4.7.2 that prevented Pro users from rendering in Original size.

That said, if you are using LRTimelapse with the free or private license or don’t render in “original” size, you don’t necessarily need to upgrade instantly, although I recommend doing so because of the additional changes in this version.

Changes and fixes in 4.7.3

  • Improved color accuracy over the export and render process. Especially difficult scenes with very saturated colors now render very close to the original look in Lightroom. The whole processing chain had to be optimized for this, hat means you’ll only see a difference, if you reexport with the new LRTExport plugin 4.7.3 and rerender with LRTimelapse 4.7.3.
  • Added consistency checking and possible cleanup for visual previews folder on load.
  • Bugfix: when rendering in original size, writing the Aspect Ratio Metadata introduced in 4.7.2 unfortunately failed (error: wrong aspect ratio – infinity). Fixed.
  • Updated exiftool and ffmpeg

A word about the improved color rendition: I don’t see the need to redo old sequences on a large scale. But if you have a sequence where you are struggling with the colors and really see a difference between the Lightroom editing and the clip in a video player, you might get closer results with the new approach. Please turn off “Motion Blur Plus” if you do comparisons, since this filter might change colors and contrast especially in high settings. Please note, that different video players might render colors differently too. I have very good experience with MPC-Player on windows. Apart from that it’s always the best choice to bring the sequence into a video editing program like Adobe Premiere rather then a video player to judge the colors.

Sorry again for the bug in 4.7.2. Please let me know about your feedback about 4.7.3 in this forum post.

As usually you will find the download links on the download page.

All the best

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