LRTimelapse 4.7.7 update

LRTimelapse 4.7.7 brings a fix for GoPro 5 users and improvements to the lens-tagger.

Releasenotes LRTimelapse 4.7.7

  • Fixed metadata bug with GoPro 5 GPR files, still the GoPro images will be mirrored due to a bug in Adobe DNG Converter, check out this forum post.
  • Added 1/3 stop lens values to the lens tagger (before only full stop values were present).
  • Fix: Aperture column in table was not updated after using the lens tagging feature.
  • LRTExport: Added check for comma in output path that would make the export fail.

Please download LRTimelapse 4.7.7 from the download page. It’s a free update for all LRTimelapse 4 users. You only need to uninstall a former version, if it is older than 4.7.5. Otherwise just install the new version.

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