LRTimelapse 4.7 update available for Download!

LRTimelapse 4.7LRTimelapse 4.7 update is now available as free download for all LRTimelapse 4 users.

This is new:

  • Added Support for Lightroom 6.6 / CC 2015.6 including the new Guided Upright parameters. Please note, that auto transition will statically populate the parameters from the first image. Keyframing of the Upright settings is not supported because it just does not make sense.
  • Performance improvements for playback and preview loading. Playback in Visual Preview mode should now be as performant as the playback of the camera previews.
  • Visual previews will now be held in memory in the dimensions defined in Settings/Preview settings, exactly as the camera previews. If you need even more performance when playing back, just set a smaller dimension there.
  • Improved handling of flat DNGs (DNGs where non RAW files like JPG or TIFF-files are embedded).
    We still need Adobe to allow the DNG Converter to convert those files in order to get visual previews for JPGs. Please support my request by voting here.
  • If LRTimelapse was closed while running on a second screen, and you restart LRTimelapse without that screen being present, a default window position on the first screen will be used.
  • Under rare conditions keyframing the rotation of a circular gradient could lead to values that Lightroom / the Camera RAW Converter would not accept and therefore ignore the whole gradient for that image. This has been fixed.
  • Wrong tooltip for LRCC/6/5/4 compatibility mode label – fixed.
  • Renamed “Hide unchanged columns” to “Hide equal columns”
  • Fixed German translation on Crop warning in LRTExport
  • Added beta translation to Brazilian Portuguese, thanks to Fernando Oliverira! We didn’t have much time to test it yet, if you find any problems with the translation, please let me know!

You can download LRTimelapse 4.7 on the download page!

Don’t forget to always upgrade your Adobe DNG Converter to the latest version too!

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