LRTimelapse 5.0.1 Update

Unfortunately some users experienced a few issues with LRT 5.0 on their systems that’s why I decided to fix them quickly and release LRTimelapse 5.0.1.

Additionally the 1st bulletpoint is a special gift for my friends Christoph Malin and Martin Heck that are currently in charge of editing hundreds of timelapse sequences from the ISS. 🙂

Here is what’s changed in 5.0.1:

  • The batch processes “Batch Initialization / Camera Previews”, “Renew Camera Previews”, “Generate Visual Previews”, “Convert to DNG” can now be launched on a parent folder and will then put all child folders into the batch queue.
  • In case that subfolders were found, a confirmation dialog will be displayed.
  • Removed the batch process option “Generate Camera Previews”, since this will happen with the “Batch Initialization” process also.
  • Fixed Bug in LRTExport that brought an error message after exporting and prevented LRTimelapse from taking over. Please restart Lightroom after installing 5.0.1!
  • Fixed a problem with 16bit tiff intermediary files in the LRTExport dialog. 16 bit files can now be used, but won’t show a preview.
  • Fixed Render dialog too small on some systems

Please find the update on the download page.

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