LRTimelapse 5.0.2

LRTimelapse 5.0.2 is an important update for all LRTimlelapse 5 users. Please update as soon as possible.

  • Sped up MP4 encoding
  • Added preview support for 16bit TIFF files to render dialog
  • Added support for 16bit TIFF files in “Render Composition”
  • Increased size of the preview on the create composition dialog
  • Added an option to globally disable the tooltips in the program in settings/expert settings.
  • Added Stretch Slider to Holy Grail Wizard for the rare situations, where the rotate slider is not sufficient to bring the curve to align the curve horizontally
  • Fixed MJpeg encoder creating broken files
  • Fixed Deflicker Smoothing curve getting turning into a straight line after changing the reference area
  • Folders on network drives were not sorted alphabetically in the folder-tree on some systems. Fixed.
  • LRTExport Plugin showed scrambled string aus output folder when exporting from a collection and Lightroom was set to German language.
  • The mac installer will now follow, if the user has moved the Lightroom Addons folder via symlink
  • When rendering very large files in original size in Prores 444 and UHQ, the encoder could fail. Fixed.
  • Fixed Watermark overlay being displayed in tiny size when rendering in resolutions >8K

You’ll get the update on the Download-Page.

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