LRTimelapse 5.1.1 Update

LRTimelapse 5.1.1 provides mostly fixes but also some improvements. Please update as soon as possible.

  • Increased number of supported parallel threads to 64 and changed the way the number of threads are configured in Settings/Expert Settings.
  • Some security features in the lates Mac and Windows OS could lead to blocked or deleted interface files between LRTimelapse and its renderer. For example this could prevent sequences with custom naming from being rendered. I’ve now changed the way in which temporary files were created to prevent such mechanisms of blocking them.
  • Quality strings in the export dialog were not all localized, fixed.
  • With very long sequences in the long term workflow there could be an unecessary wait time when clicking on “filter images” – fixed.
  • Remove Keyframes from the menu did not always refresh the keyframe column in the table – fixed.
  • LRTExport: Added meaningful error dialog, when trying to launch the LRTExport from the context menu instead of the export button.
  • LRTExport: LRTExport.log will be cleared before each new export task.
  • LRTExport, Multi-Folder export: added a more meaningful error message, when folders are not in sync.

As always you’ll find the latest version on the download page.

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