Beta testing LRTimelapse 5.3

Hey guys, I’ve been quite busy working on the LRTimelapse 5.3 upgrade – there are a couple of new features, many were input given by users. Today I’m releasing a beta and hope to get some feedback from you!

One big change in 5.3 is, that I’ve migrated to from Java 8 to Java 11, which should improve performance especially on newer machines, but is also a new platform that has to be thoroughly tested.

Those are big changes, which I can only test on my hardware and setup, that’s why I don’t release it to the public yet. I’d really appreciate, if you could give it a try on your machines and let me know about your feedback in the new LRTimelapse beta-forum, that I’ve set up.

I’m also going to announce new beta versions there, that’s why I’d recommend to subscribe to that forum (on the right side above the threads -> subscribe to this forum).

Update: Beta-Testing is over. You can find the final version of LRTimelapse 5.3 on the Download-Page now.

Enjoy and thanks for your feedback!

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