Small fixes for LRTExport Plugin

I’ve released a minor updated that fixes two smaller problems with the LRTExport Lightroom plugin.

  • For some users it was exporting original filenames and not LRT_00001… – this could be fixed by a manual “reload” of the Plugin in the Lightroom Plugin Manager.
  • LRTExport Plugin sometimes did only export 1 image after an export had been aborted by the user.
  • On Mac the “initialial sequence number” displayed as “0.0” instead of just “0”.
  • The Path to LRTimelapse had to be changed manually to LRTimelapse 4 on some systems, this is fixed as well.

If you experience any problems with the LRTExport plugin downloaded before 2015-04-24, 3pm CET, just download the current version and re-install.

LRTExport will then identify itself as “4.0.1 build 63”. Nothing changed in LRTimelapse itself.

Lightroom Plugin development is really a b*tch… 🙂

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