Edit Long Term and Construction Time Lapse

Editing Long Term time lapse sequences is a special challenge. Changing weather conditions and lighting situations normally lead to very flickery sequences if you don’t take special measures.

Update: this explanation was written for LRTimelapse 3. Since LRTimelapse 4 Pro there is a dedicated “Long Term Workflow” tab offering sophisticated filters that allow much finer filtering for brightness, contrast and hue of the images. The whole workflow is much easier. It’s explained on the Instructions-Page.

LRTimelapse Pro enables you to achieve outstanding results from your long term and construction time lapse sequences with changing lighting conditions.

Please watch my tutorial to learn more!

Summarizing the Workflow

  1. Make a working copy of your sequence, since we are going to delete images during this process. It might make sense to split very large sequeces into smaller parts of weeks or months.
  2. Switch to the deflicker workflow tab
  3. Initialize
  4. Activate Deflicker, click on Constant to get a straight green line as reference.
  5. If you feel, that considering only a smaller part of the preview as reference for the brightness might give you better results, set a reference area by dragging a rectangle into the preview. Check the blue brightness curve, scrub through the sequence. To delete the reference area again, double click into the preview. If in doubt, just use the whole frame as reference (no reference area set).
  6. Activate the “Loupe/Zoom”-Button on the top left side of the preview
  7. Activate Edit / Select by criteria.
  8. Set a threshold, observe how the blue curve gets a narrower or larger. Drag until you feel you have left only a reasonable amount of images respectively eliminated all images far from the green reference.
  9. Leave the dialog with ok. Play the sequence while still in “Loop/Zoom” mode.
  10. Repeat from 7, if you still want to change the threshold.
  11. Now the images that you’d like to keep are selected. To delete the unselected images, go to Edit / Invert selection.
  12. Observe the blue curve now getting a big amplitude again, those are only the images you are going to delete. Hit on the delete key or use the Edit / Delete Images menu item.
  13. Now you have left only the images with similar appearance.
  14. Render with the LRTExport Plugin and the LRTimelapse renderer (check basic tutorial) and activate “LRT Motion Blur Plus” – set it to level 2 for example.


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