LRTimelapse 5.2.1 Update

LRTimelapse 5.2.1 is out with some improvements and fixes.

  • Added a new Sync-Script for “Gradients Only” – this will sync only the edited gradients, but preserve the LRTimelapse compensations. All other tools but the gradients can be selectively synced with the native Lightroom Sync tool. Thanks to Charlie Tennessen for implementing this. For more details see this forum post.
  • Reload will now restore any Holy Grail or Deflicker adjustments should they have been altered while editing (for example because someone worked with Adobe Camera Raw and couldn’t use the Sync-Script). See this forum post for more details.
  • Render Preview Video could not be launched from the main menu – fixed.
  • Updated ExifTool.

Please update asap, you’ll find the download on the download page.

Enjoy! 🙂

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