LRTimelapse 5.3.1 Update

LRTimelapse 5.3.1 brings improvements in the keyboard navigation and fixes a couple of bugs.

  • Buttons on Dialogs without textfield can now be operated with the keyboard by pressing the leading character of the button text on the keyboard. O for Okay, C for Cancel etc. The shorcuts are localized, that means it will be A for “Abbrechen” in German.
  • Changed then Lightroom Process Version that will be set on initialization to the current version 11 (5 in the Lightroom UI)
  • Shift Play for playing from the current position was broken, fixed.
  • Fixed some other keystroke issues also.
  • First adaption to MacOS 10.15 Catalina. Please note that currently LRTimelapse doesn’t officially support Catalina yet! In Catalina Apple prevents access to Documents, Desktop, external volumes etc. to 3rd party programs. If you want to access those locations, currently you need to allow the access for LRTimelapse manually in the OS security settings. I’m trying to find a better way …

LRTimelapse 5.3.1 is a free update for all LRTimelapse 5 users. You can download the new version on the download page.


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