These are some Videos that were made with LRTimelapse.
Please enjoy in HD, with Speakers turned up!

Our own Projects

Northern Skies 4K

Northern Lights 4K

African Skies 2


Time lapse show reel African Skies

African Skies

Time lapse show reel Canary Skies

Time lapse and video show reel Altiplano Skies

More information about the video and full HD Download.

Selected Films by LRTimelapse Users

Tokyo Aglow

Tokyo Aglow – by Justing Tierney (Best in show winner of Time Lapse Festival 2016 in Santa Monica, LA)

Circle of Abstract Ritual

Circle of Abstract Ritual by Fire Chaser Jeff Frost

Miami Derezzed

Miami Derezzed from Oliver KMIA


Vorticity by storm chaser Mike Olbinski

Dubai Flow Motion

Dubai Flow Motion from Rob Whitworth.


Apotheosis from Henry Jun Wah Lee / Evosia. If you like Apotheosis, check it’s predecessor too, Eye of the Storm.


Tasermiut – Greenland’s Wilderness from Alexander Nail.

Time to Sydney

Time to Sydney from Filippo Rivetti.


Moscow 2014 Timelapse/Hyperlapse from Kirill Neiezhmakov.


Dubai. United Arab Emirates Timelapse/Hyperlapse from Kirill Neiezhmakov.

The Invisible Peak

The Invisible Peak from Gary Yost. Please make sure to read this article by Gary as well: Why should you create timelapse stories not just sequences.

Timelapse of Building Wonders

The Timelapse of Building Wonders from Rob Tinworth on Vimeo. Those are the time lapse sequences from the upcoming NOVA series “Wonders of the world”. This is what Rob wrote me:

As part of an uncoming NOVA series that airs in February, I started researching how to pull off day-to-night timelapses, which led me to LRTimelapse. Your software has transformed the way I create every timelapse now! NOVA is a series that runs on PBS in the US, and they’re anticipating this series will pull a big audience. I wanted to let you know that LRT was behind all the timelapse.
The series is called ‘Building Wonders of the World’. I created a showcase of all the timelapse shots you can see in this video.
Thanks for creating such a crucial tool!

More Info.

30 Year Timelapse of New York by Emeric Le Bars

Before and after

User Feedback

Feedback on the LRT4 Visual Deflicker by LRTimelapse user Mike

Some of my before and after videos

The reason for aperture flicker and how to avoid it

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