Install LRTimelapse

On Windows

  • Please make sure you have the latest Java version installed!
    → Download Java from here!
    Important: choose the Windows Offline Java Installer (64bit) if you are on a 64bit Windows! Accept to uninstall older java versions if the installer asks you to do so.
  • Close Lightroom.
  • Install LRTimelapse via the provided installer, this will install LRTimelapse and all needed Lightroom Addons automatically.
  • Download and install the latest Adobe DNG Converter

On MacOS

  • Close Lightroom.
  • If you have any old LRTimelapse version installed, trash it, empty trash.
  • You’ll find LRTimelapse package installer inside the downloaded DMG-archive.
    Just run that installer, it will install LRTimelapse and all necessary Addons. You’ll find the LRTimelapse icon then in your Applications folder.
  • Please Note: Should you get an “unidentified developer” message from the GateKeeper, just right click → open and agree to execute.
  • Download and install the latest Adobe DNG Converter

In Lightroom

How to start

It’s really important that you read the workflow description or watch my tutorials before getting started!

If you have troubles

If you have any troubles, please check the frequently asked questions first!

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