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LRTimelapse 4.7.8 available for download!

LRTimelapse 4.7.8 is a free update for all LRTimlepase 4 users.

It introduces the following improvements:

  • Added version check for Adobe DNG Converter. This makes it easier to keep it always updated in order to ensure support for the latest camera models.
  • The White Balance information from the camera will now be preserved when bringing the sequence to Lightroom. You can then start editing with the White balance that the camera provided as default value on the keyframes. Auto Transition will then take over the values from the keyframes (either from camera or modified by the user) and set them to “Custom” in order to make the transitions.
  • Udated ExifTool to 10.61
  • Fixed: When “Clear Metadata” was used (normally not something you’d need to do) a subsequent initialization of the metadata didn’t respect the “Set 16:9 crop when initializing” setting.
  • Fixed: Under the same precondition like the last issue, the Keyframes Wizard was not activated after a reinitialization of the sequence. (Thanks to forum user Teemu76 for reporting these two issues).
  • Fixed: On the very first start of LRT on a computer, the log file dialog was shown too small.

As always, you can download this new version from the Download-Page. Enjoy! 🙂

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Talking about Timelapse at the Improve Photography Podcast!

Recently I’ve been invited to talk about timelapse photography at the Improve Photography podcast.


Check out the show!

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LRTimelapse Pro Timer Free – Firmware Update 0.88

I’ve updated the Firmware for the LRTimelapse Pro Timer Free (LRTPTF) with some improvements, that Klaus Heiss from Austria implemented. Thanks a lot for that!

New in 0.88

  • Introduced dynamic key repeating. This makes the keyboard more responsive.
    Key repetition starts with 2 per second and then increases to 10 keystrokes per second.
  • Made the key recognition less sensitive, so it will work without changes with a wider variety of displays.
  • Added alternative key values into LCD_Keypad_Reader.cpp for a similar looking Display from Sainmart, but with other voltage steps. You may comment out this alternative values, if the key pressures are not properly recognized on your board.

You can download the update from the project page.

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Open letter to Nikon

Subject: Modern timelapse photography with Nikon cameras and our problems with Snapbridge

Dear Nikon Corporation,

I am writing as a longtime Nikon photographer and someone who has been working intensively with your cameras and written many reviews in my german blog in the past years. I have been working intensively in the area of timelapse photography for many years now, and have given many workshops and training sessions.

For your 100th birthday, you have announced the Nikon D850, a camera that, according to your advertisement, should be particularly suited to create 8K timelapse movies.

Continue reading

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LRTimelapse 4.7.7 update

LRTimelapse 4.7.7 brings a fix for GoPro 5 users and improvements to the lens-tagger.

Releasenotes LRTimelapse 4.7.7

  • Fixed metadata bug with GoPro 5 GPR files, still the GoPro images will be mirrored due to a bug in Adobe DNG Converter, check out this forum post.
  • Added 1/3 stop lens values to the lens tagger (before only full stop values were present).
  • Fix: Aperture column in table was not updated after using the lens tagging feature.
  • LRTExport: Added check for comma in output path that would make the export fail.

Please download LRTimelapse 4.7.7 from the download page. It’s a free update for all LRTimelapse 4 users. You only need to uninstall a former version, if it is older than 4.7.5. Otherwise just install the new version.

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LRTimelapse Pro Timer Free 0.87 – new features for the free intervalometer!

I have released a firmware update for the free intervalometer, which especially supports long-term exposures in Bulb mode for astro-photographers.

Many of you have already built free intervalometer for timelapse and astro-photography following my instructions. I also got great feedback in the forum.

The most frequent feature request has been to be able to take longer exposures than 30 seconds in Bulb mode. I have now implemented this in version 0.87 of the LRTPTF firmware.

Furthermore, there is now a single exposure mode, with which you can make single shots. Here, too, you have the possibility to let the timer control the exposure time, and thus to achieve very long exposures in Bulb mode.

Version 0.87 is available for free download on the project page, including the extended and adapted documentation (detailed releasenotes here).

If you have not yet built the timer, I can only put it to your heart. It is a great DIY project that anyone should be able to build with a bit of effort. In any case you’ll learn a lot and at the end you’ll get the best intervalometer you can think of. In the forum there are some reports and frequent exchange between the users that have built one!

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LRTimelapse 4.7.6 is available!

LRTimelapse 4.7.6
LRTimelapse 4.7.6 brings some fixes and support for new cameras, like the GoPro 5 Raw-files.

  • Added support for gopro RAW files (GPR). However, there seem to be no previews embedded in those files, preview creation will happen by demosaicing and be rather slow!
  • Added support for Phase One RAW files (IIQ). There seem to be no previews embedded in those files, preview creation will happen by demosaicing and be rather slow!
  • If the shooting type (M vs. A/Av) is not privided in the Exif-Data (for example with Leica Cameras), now a dialog will come up and ask the user which mode he used.
  • Gradients positioned outside the frame were not correctly supported by Auto Transition. Fixed.
  • Updated ExifTool to 10.52
  • Small fixes in the Italian translation

LRTimelapse 4.7.6 is a free update for all LRTimelapse 4 users.
Go to the download page.

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Dear LRTimelapse community,

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve implemented a responsive design now for both, the website and the LRTimelapse Forum. That means they work well on devices with different resolutions and screen sizes including tablets and smartphones.

Additionally, on I’ve redesigned the shop-page and hope it’s even easier to understand and use now.

The forum now has a completely modernized theme that looks much nicer and modern, not only on mobile devices.

I hope, you enjoy the changes – let me know in the forum, you can use the Open Discussion Board to give me feedback.

All the best for you

PS: Great to see from the feedback, how many of you already started building their own LRTimelapse Pro-Timer free! Awesome! 🙂

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LRTimelapse Pro-Timer Free – Building Instructions for the DIY Intervalometer

The LRTimelapse Pro-Timer Free is a DIY open source intervalometer for timelapse, macro and astro photographers.
I’ve developed it because I couldn’t find a single intervalometer on the market that could really satisfy all of my needs as a timelapse and astro photographer.

Now I’m sharing the build instructions with you for free. Check it out!

→ Go to the LRTimelapse Pro-Timer Free Page

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LRTimelapse 4.7.5 – This is new

LRTimelapse 4.7.5 is out and it brings a lot of improvements. I’ve been working hard on this release in the last weeks to get it out as soon as possible.

Especially the improved support for external ramping tools like the timelapse+ View and improvements for working with Cinema-DNG files were things that I wanted to get to you as soon as possible. The windows version does not need java installed anymore (likewise as on mac) and along with this, I’ve fixed and improved several things to make your workflow easier and more streamlined. For example, I’ve managed to significantly speed up the initial preview generation and import for several cameras, including Canon and Fuji.

Check out the details:


  • Considerably sped up preview loading for several cameras (for example canon, fuji etc.)
  • Added preview support for (Cinema)-DNG files, that do not have any camera previews embedded. The raw files have to be demosaiced for this, so it’s slower as the normal preview extraction. But this is the only way to get the regular previews for such images like Cinema DNG (visual previews have always worked!).
  • Using systems temp folder for preview conversions now, this might speed up visual preview generation when working on slow drives like network drives.


  • Users with a private License can now control the number of threads used when creating the visual previews, like pro users. The setting is in the Expert Settings.
  • Increased the number of possible threads to 24.

Support for external ramping devices

  • Improved support for external rampers like Timelapse+ View or RamperPro
  • Added a dialog when external xmp corrections from one of those devices exist and the user tries to invoke the holy grail wizard. In that case, the external corrections would be overwritten by LRTimelapse’s Holy Grail wizard. Both usually provide very similar results. Now the user can decide, if he wants to use the external corrections, or LRTimelapse’s Holy Grail Wizard.
  • When the external corrections are being migrated to LRTimelapse’s background layer (to enable keyframing of the exposure), the old exposure column was not always cleared, fixed.


  • Added missing support for parameter “Color Noise Reduction Smoothness”.
  • Metadata/Initialize in some cases left some old edits. It will now reset everything to a clean starting point, as expected.
  • Clear Metadata will now really clear everything. You can then save and exit the sequence. If you want to continue working on it, you have to re-initialize it via Metadata/Initialize. There will be a dialog telling you this.
  • Added the column “RAW Quality” to the table. It’s correlated to the white balance treatment. RAW means “Absolute WB Treatment”, FLAT means “Relative WB Treatment”.
  • Inconsistent white balance treatment in a sequence is now being detected and the user gets a popup asking to define the sequence mode.
  • Added Date-Time support for (some types of) Cinema DNG files.


  • Windows 64bit: Like on mac, no individual Java install is needed anymore on Windows 64. That means, if you only needed Java for LRTimelapse, you can uninstall it now via control panel.
  • Windows 64bit: LRTimelapse will now be installed into Program Files\LRTimelapse 4 – not anymore into the 32bit folder Program Files (x86). Therefore, please uninstall any former LRTimelapse before installing 4.7.5.
  • Windows 32 bit: On a 32bit windows, you’ll still need to install java manually, then use the launcher “LRTimelapse 4_32bit” from start menu. Please note that 32bit usage is not tested and officially not supported anymore and will soon be removed competely.
  • On some Windows systems where LRT3 was still installed, the paths to the external tools could have pointed to the old LRT3 variants. This will now be automatically detected and fixed.
  • Sequence properties sometimes failed to save. Fixed.
  • Updated all external tools to the latest versions.

Video Export and rendering

  • Added an option to the advanced options of the LRTExport pluing, to force exporting the intermediary sequence in sRGB color gamut instead of AdobeRGB. This is only a fallback for users on older systems that experience color problems with the default wide-gamut workflow.
  • LRTimelapse Render dialog will automatically detect if the intermediary sequence was rendered in sRGB or AdobeRGB and switch between Wide Gamut (BT2020) and Standard (BT709) color space.
  • When the video encoder produces an error, the “ding”-sound will not be played anymore and the explorer/finder not opened.
  • The Low Quality setting on h.264 and h.265 rendered with higher quality than MQ. Fixed.
  • Filename sort will now be forced, when date/time exif data is not complete.

User interface

  • Fixed wrong Preview-Lum column display when no camera previews were found in the files.
  • Sequences without Exif-Data or incomplete Date/Time records did not always switch automatically to filename-sort. Fixed.

Make sure to update as soon as possible. Just install the new version over the old one. As always, all 4.x.x releases are free updates for users with a LRT4 license.

→ Get the download!

For any feedback to this update, please use this forum thread!

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