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VAT “Reverse Charge” for EU-Companies

If you are an EU-company outside Germany with registered VAT-No. and thus are allowed to purchase the professional license without paying VAT (Reverse Charge), please contact us before buying by filling in this form, since we can’t refund the VAT once the payment has taken place. Private licenses are only sold to private persons thus the VAT will always be charged for that licenses in the EU.

License Terms and Conditions

LRT4 Licenses will not expire. All minor updates (4.1, 4.2, 4.3 etc.) will be provided for free for all Licensees of LRT4. LRT3 Licenses sold since March, 1st, 2015 will work with LRT4. For major upgrades (i.e. 5.0) a discounted upgrade will be available for License holders of the previous version. You can find and read the full End User License Agreement here.

*) The VAT (if any) included in the price is based on an assumption on your country of residence. The final country and VAT will be determined with knowledge of your country on check out, then final price will then be calculated.

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