LRTimelapse 4.8 with support for Lightroom CC Classic available!

LRTimelapse 4.8 is now fully compatible with the new Lightroom CC Classic update (and all older Lightroom Versions from 4 on).

While I was leading a photo expedition in Bolivia, Adobe announced and released the new Lightroom CC Classic – and I guess we are all not really pleased, how they handled the naming. Taking away the original “Lightroom” name for a new cloud only product that is not even close to be a usable by professionals, was certainly not a smart move. But anyway – Lightroom Classic is now the name of our known tool – and it got even better with the latest update, especially in terms of performance. This is of course great news for us timelapse photographers.

Apart from the performance improvements Adobe added new Range Masks to gradients and brushes. I’m not really sure yet, if this will be useful for timelapse editing, but I’ve spent a day analyzing how it works and implemented support for the animation of those Range Masks, including the color picker :-), into LRTimelapse 4.8.

Here is in detail, what’s new in LRTimelapse 4.8:

  • Added support for Lightroom CC Classic and the new Range Masks. (Of course LRTimelapse 4.8 continues to support all older Lightroom Versions from LR4 on as usual.) Range Masks will get animated (including the location of the color picker) on the 4 default linear gradients, 2 circular gradients and the first 2 brushes.
  • Removed “Wrong process version” message when editing sequences with the new Lightroom CC Classic.
  • Check for installed DNG Converter Version did not always work, fixed. Make sure to upgrade your DNG Converter to Version 10.0 if you are using Lightroom CC Classic!
  • Unfortunately with DNG Converter 10.0 Adobe broke the DNG-Converter Version check in LRTimelapse, because the new DNG Converter doesn’t write its version into the converted files anymore. I’ve reported this to adobe, and we can only hope that they will listen and fix it soon… 🙁
  • Fixed UI problem in Render dialog for with very high scaling factors on 4K monitors (thanks Shane!)

Hope you enjoy the new version! You can download the update from the download site.

Best wishes,

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