DslrDashboard and LRTimelapse

Shooting perfect Holy Grail Time Lapse without touching the camera

Shooting Holy Grail sequences involve changing exposure time and ISO in between the shooting interval. To avoid touching the camera when doing this, Zoltan Hubai, the developer of DslrDashboard, kindly agreed to implement a “LRTimelapse Mode” into his great Android App for controlling the camera.

Check out my new video to see, how it works!

DslrDashboard will work with nearly any Nikon or Canon camera. This is what Zoltan told me about camera compatibility:

All the Nikon models should work from D40 and up. Depending on model some of the functions will not work. D3000 and D3100 are working to but they are limited as Nikon does not provide SDK for the D3x00 models and they have a limited PTP set of commands/properties.
For Canon I don’t know for sure. I’m working with 650D. I had reports that it is working with 5d Mark II, 7D, 40D, 450D, 1100D, 500D, 550D, 600D.

You can connect it to your Android Tablet/Smartphone via three different options:

  1. an USB-OTG cable
  2. Nikon WU-1a/WU1b WiFi-Adapters
  3. with the TP-Link TL-MR3040 router

For controlling the camera I recommend using an Android Tablet, I tested it with the Google Nexus 7 (2012) and my Samsung Galaxy S2 and can definitely recommend the Nexus in terms of price/performance ratio. But it will work with the new Nexus 7 (2013) and certainly other Android tables with USB-OTG support as well.

Configuring the TP-Link Router for usage with DslrDashboard

  • Download the OpenWRT firmware for the TP-Link MR3040 from the DslrDashboard site:
    Make sure to download the right one:
    - Factory is for the first install, if the original firmware is still on the router
    - Sysupgrade is for upgrading a present OpenWrt router without losing settings.
    - V1 is for the MR3040-V1 (only one on/off switch on one side)
    - V2 is for the MR3040-V2 (on/off switch on one side, 3-way-mode switch on the other side)
  • Turn off Wifi on the Laptop, pull any LAN cables
  • Connect the MR3040 with a LAN-cable, preferrably hook it on the power connector to make sure the battery does not die while flashing.
  • Enter into the address field of your browser
  • Authentificate yourself with admin/admin
  • the user interface of the router should appear
  • Go to System Tools / Firmware Upgrade
  • Install the OpenWRT Firmware you just downloaded
  • Wait 5-6 min and in the meantime check if the MR3040 (router) leds go off/on
  • Now enter (!) into your browser’s address field
  • choose a password
  • choose a router password (can be the same)
  • Now your router runs with OpenWrt. You can now set the date by clicking on “Sync with browser”.
  • You might have to activate WiFi in the router settings now. Click on “add”, if no WiFi connection is configured yet and just take over the default settings:
  • Remove the LAN-cable, restart the router, connect to the camera, launch DslrDashboard and connect.

After shooting, just compensate the Exposure steps with the new Holy Grail Wizard in LRTimelapse 3!

Enjoy your new wireless freedom! :-)

PS: If you like DlsrDashboard, please don’t forget to donate to Zoltan, the developer. He offers a great solution and outstanding support and deserves that we give him something in return. Please use the Donate-Button on his page.


A kind forum user made a step-by-step tutorial video how to set up everything, check it out!


Please note that I cannot provide personal support for this solution. That’s why I set up the user forums. Please post any questions there so that we can build up a knowledge base. There are a lot of experienced users and even Zoltan, the DslrDashboard developer, reading there.

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