Please watch this new tutorial video to get a grip on the new workflow. You can find the written workflow described here.

These are only short overviews. For all details, tips, and tricks please check out my new Ebook titled Time Lapse Shooting and Processing.

Basic Tutorial for LRTimelapse 3

In this tutorial you will learn all the basics to get started with LRTimelapse, the new Importer and the new Video Export Process for Lightroom 3, 4 and 5.

Other languages: German, Italian.

Deflicker Tutorial for LRTimelapse 3

In the deflicker tutorial I explain how to set the reference area for deflickering and what to do to get flicker free videos. Please note that you will always get the best results when shooting without producing flicker, get my EBook to learn how to master that.

Day to Night (Holy Grail) Tutorial with LRTimelapse 3’s Holy Grail Wizard

In this tutorial you will learn how to utilize the new Holy Grail Wizard to easily level loads of Adjustments you made when shooting sunrises, sunsets or other day-to-night or night-to-day situations without using Lightroom’s “match total exposures” manually. (Also available in German Language)

Please check out my new tutorial about how to shoot the Holy Grail automatically and without touching the camera! (Also available in German language)


Long term and construction time lapse

In this short tutorial I explain how to edit long term and construction time lapse sequences in order to achieve smooth results independent of the constant change of weather conditions, shadows etc with LRTimelapse Pro.


Tutorials from LRTimelapse Users

David Disponett – How to use LRTimelapse

Older tutorials

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