6 years of LRTimelapse!

LRTimelapse just got 6 years old! Time to say thank you!

It’s been a long way from the first public beta (I guess it was named 0.8, but I don’t have screenshots anymore…) to the current version of LRTimelapse. Back in the days it started with simple XMP based transitions, that already helped a lot when editing.

End of 2010: LRTimelapse 0.9 – one of the first public versions.

Never would I have imagined that in the next 6 years this little tool would advance to the most used time lapse tool on PCs and Macs around the world – with features like multi step visual deflicker, holy grail wizard, an own importer, an own rendering module with resolutions up to 8K and more in production quality, seamless Lightroom integration via plugin, a great motion blur engine, dedicated filters for long term time lapses, multiple keyframe layers, etc. etc…
Never ever would I have imagined!

LRTimelapse 4.7.4 Pro

The latest version of LRTimelapse by end of 2016.

Two years later, in 2012, LRTimelapse allowed me to make my dream come true: quitting my job as an IT project manager and making a living as independent developer, photographer, trainer, film maker. Spending my time doing things that I really love. Meeting great people. Traveling the world!


So – thanks again, for supporting my visions, by buying a license and spreading the word about LRTimelapse!

I can ensure you, that I have lots of great ideas how to further improve your time lapse experience in the future! Stay tuned…

One of the greatest gifts for me is to see, what you guys do with my software. To see it being a catalyst for your creativity! To see the results, your films. Thanks for making this happen!

Stay creative and all the best to you

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