LRTimelapse 4.0.2 Bugfix update available

LRTimelapse 4.0.2 fixes some smaller issues that have been reported. I’d recommend to update as soon as possible.

The new LRTimelapse and the new LRTExport Lightroom plugin will report itself as 4.0.2 build 64.

And those are the changes:

  • Filtering JPG sidecars to RAW files did only work for NEF-files, fixed.
  • Sub-directories inside time lapse sequences sometimes made the sequence fail to load
  • “Render finished” sound not be play anymore, when the user cancels the rendering
  • The orange keyframes are now smaller, this makes it easier to spot the blue ones in long holy grail sequences. The orange keyframes are not that relevant anymore, because they only serve LRTimelapse for the background adjustments. Please make sure to watch my new Holy Grail tutorial!
  • Problems when working in LR3/Process 2012 mode have been fixed
  • Added a warning if Adobe DNG-Converter is not installed, when trying to activate the visual previews.
  • Changed the text of the reminder to install the DNG Converter to make it more clear that the DNG-Converter is needed even if you don’t intend to convert to DNG.
  • Convert to Dng Batch function (via right mouse on folder) now converts to lossless DNG

You’ll find the update on the Download Page. Just run the installer after downloading, no need to uninstall the old version first.

Please would you mind telling me about the Lightroom/ACR Version you are currently using, via this poll?

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