LRTimelapse 5.2.2 Update

LRTimelapse 5.2.2 is out and this is new:

  • Added Keyframing for the new Texture sliders (global and local) which were introduced with the latest Lightroom Classic update.
  • Improved the Stretch-Slider in the Holy Grail Wizard. It will now allow to level sequences with huge differences in brightness better, i.e. 24h sequences. Please note, that the more “stretch” you use, the more you will need to use visual deflicker later to get a really smooth sequence. So try to use “Rotate” only for regular timelapses, and use Stretch only, if you really need to in order to get a meaningful orange curve.
  • Values for Rotate and Stretch are now being stored in the sequence properties and will be pre-initialized, if you click on Holy Grail Wizard again.

5.2.2 is a free update for all LRT 5 users. Please update asap, you can download the new version from the download page.

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