LRTimelapse Pro Timer Free 0.87 – new features for the free intervalometer!

I have released a firmware update for the free intervalometer, which especially supports long-term exposures in Bulb mode for astro-photographers.

Many of you have already built free intervalometer for timelapse and astro-photography following my instructions. I also got great feedback in the forum.

The most frequent feature request has been to be able to take longer exposures than 30 seconds in Bulb mode. I have now implemented this in version 0.87 of the LRTPTF firmware.

Furthermore, there is now a single exposure mode, with which you can make single shots. Here, too, you have the possibility to let the timer control the exposure time, and thus to achieve very long exposures in Bulb mode.

Version 0.87 is available for free download on the project page, including the extended and adapted documentation (detailed releasenotes here).

If you have not yet built the timer, I can only put it to your heart. It is a great DIY project that anyone should be able to build with a bit of effort. In any case you’ll learn a lot and at the end you’ll get the best intervalometer you can think of. In the forum there are some reports and frequent exchange between the users that have built one!

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