My interview with the Photopreneur Podcast

Just recently I’ve been invited by the Photopreneur Podcast to talk a little bit about LRTimelapse, the development of my activities in the last years as a business and my understanding how to deal with customers and job offers.

But maybe I’ll better quote the guys from Photopreneur Podcast and their announcement:

Gunther had a full time job whilst working on the side with a blog and a LRTimelapse. We talk about making the transition from your job to your own thing, traveling, workshops, working for pleasure and doing projects that you are excited about. We also talking about using gear that you can afford and instead invest in your creativity, utilize your time effectively to create something. The side of business that isn’t attractive also makes it into the conversation, the amount of time that it actually takes to establish a meaningful business, having to do accounting and all those unexciting parts. We had a fantastic time chatting with Gunther, he keeps it real, authentic and is great inspiration to keep on charging with your business.

I really enjoyed chatting with those guys. So check out the podcast if you are interested in some personal insights.

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