Open letter to Nikon

Subject: Modern timelapse photography with Nikon cameras and our problems with Snapbridge

Dear Nikon Corporation,

I am writing as a longtime Nikon photographer and someone who has been working intensively with your cameras and written many reviews in my german blog in the past years. I have been working intensively in the area of timelapse photography for many years now, and have given many workshops and training sessions.

For your 100th birthday, you have announced the Nikon D850, a camera that, according to your advertisement, should be particularly suited to create 8K timelapse movies.

(→ Management summary, → German version.)

I am especially pleased that you have now finally identified timelapse photography as one of the important areas in which your cameras are being used.

In fact, for long a time, digital SLR cameras and especially Nikon cameras have become indispensable tools for timelapse photographers. Many photographers prefer Nikon cameras, because of their great sensors with high dynamic range and outstanding ISO performance. But there is a lot more to consider when you want to record a good timelapse than just using the interval or timelapse feature of your cameras.

Astro image of the Milky Way with the Nikon D750. On the top left you can see the green guiding laser of the observatory on La Réunion.

For example, the timelapse function built into some of your newer cameras, which directly outputs a video, usually does not fulfill the demands of serious timelapse photographers. For high quality timelapse clips, we would prefer a dedicated RAW file based output, that gives us more freedom for editing.

Over the past few years, the timelapse community has been intensively working on developing special techniques that have brought timelapse photography to a fairly high level. Recordings, such as day-to-night and night-to-day transitions, which not too long ago were considered impossible (they are called “The Holy Grail” of timelapse photography for a reason), can now be easily done by everyone.

In order to understand our requirements as timelapse photographers, let me briefly explain which factors we consider most important for advanced timelapse:

  • We want to work with exposure times as long as possible and intervals as short as possible.
  • We would like to be able to operate and control the camera during a recording.
  • We would like to have a preview of the last recorded image on the camera display and would like to transfer those via WiFi and USB to a smart device.

Timelapse shooting on a frozen lake in Northern Norway – waiting for the Northern Lights.

Exposure Time vs. Interval

For aesthetic timelapses, we always try to work with long exposure times. Exposure times that are at least half as long (so called 180°-shutter) and often almost as long as the intervals.

Think about the astro scenes from your last promo video for the D850. Such shots of the Milky Way need long shutter speeds, of approx. 20 seconds per shot.

At the same time, however, we would rather prefer to shoot with short intervals, because the interval with which the images are recorded will set the speed of the playback of the final clip and this should not become too fast.

Since the interval can never be shorter than the exposure time, in this example we would preferably like to work with 21 seconds, which is only a bit longer than the exposure time.

In this case, we would have a “dark-time” of only 1 second, in which the camera shutter is closed before the next exposure starts.

But also during the day, good timelapse photographers almost always work with long exposure times, often leaving a dark time of 1 second only.

For Northern Lights, and other fast moving subjects, we bring this to the limit of what’s technically feasible – intervals of one second are rather common, with even shorter dark-times.

During this dark-time, your camera must save the picture, show it on the display and provide it via WiFi and USB for external analysis.

All this already works with some of your cameras today (I guess you might be astonished now!) with an appropriate external intervalometer. But, unfortunately, not with the timelapse tools which you currently provide in your cameras.

Timelapse shooting in the Altiplano, Bolivia

The built in intervalometer

Unfortunately  the internal intervalometer, that we can find in most of your cameras is quite limited for purposes of effective timelapse use. When we shoot with a dark-time of 1 second with the internal intervalometer, the camera buffer fills up after a few seconds, and we can only dream about any image preview and WiFi transmission.

With any dark-time lower than 6 secs the D750 for example will not display any preview when using the built-in intervalometer. This means that a photographer who needs to have control over what he is shooting, cannot work with intervals below 7 seconds. And even then the exposure will be limited to 1 second only.

You may ask yourself why it is so important to be able to see the pictures during the recording. Well – many exciting timelapse situations span over a long period of time during which the light can change dramatically. Those dramatic changes require the photographer to control the camera exposure, but he will only know when to take action, if he sees what is being captured.

Day-to-Night Transitions

I’ve already mentioned day-to-night transitions, which we love to capture, because they mostly result in spectacular timelapses and for a long time have been a real challenge to shoot. In such situations light changes continually and very drastically, so that the camera settings have to be adjusted frequently. To be able to do this however, we need access to the images and their histogram in order to know when we have to adjust the exposure time, aperture or ISO – otherwise we would quickly get images that are over- or underexposed.

You might ask yourself why we do not work in A-mode or the P-mode, possibly in combination with the ISO-automatic?

Mostly because the metering of the camera is very volatile and changes exposure quickly on any change of the light. Furthermore the metering starts to get unreliable when it gets dark.

What we really need instead, is a shooting strategy specifically adapted to the requirements of timelapse photography. In the case of a sunset, for example, at first the exposure time has to be increased, then the aperture will be opened and finally the ISO will be increased. Additionally we would like to be able to intervene at any time, depending on the situation.

You see, this is not realizable with the tools that you provide today, but that’s okay for us. You provide cameras with the great sensors and great dynamic range, and we are the experts for timelapse photography and do the rest with our special external tools and techniques.

Controlling the Camera via WiFi

To accomplish this, most of us use special apps on smart devices, which are usually connected to the camera via WiFi. USB is possible too, but that would not work for many mobile devices, for example those with iOS.

qDslrDashboard is an app that offers a special timelapse mode that allows to capture day-to-night and night-to-day transitions automatically by evaluating the camera previews and controlling the camera accordingly.

After a capture, these apps download the preview image from the camera, analyze the histogram and determine when exactly which camera parameter has to be adjusted in order that the scene will not get over- or underexposed. This control happens in such a way that the final look will be as aesthetic pleasing as possible.

The smoothing of the residual brightness jumps resulting from this so-called “ramping” process will happen in post processing with special software such as LRTimelapse.

Sequence shot with automatic ramping by qDslrDashboard. The blue curve shows the luminance, the zig-zag line comes from the automatic adjustment of the camera settings. The orange curve shows the compensations that LRTimelapse calculated automatically and applied directly to the RAW files. The result is a smooth transition from night to day.

We get a very smooth transitions after the smoothing by LRTimelapse (Holy Grail Wizard and Visual Deflicker)

This procedure works great and leads to perfect results! Black times of only 1 second are possible in practical use! During this time, your cameras do not only write RAW+JPG to the memory card, but also transfer the JPG preview via WiFi to the smart device, the app analyzes it and changes exposure time, aperture or ISO within the same second. Awesome, right?

At least this was working until about a year ago! Unfortunately then you have decided to make our special tools practically useless by closing your WiFi for 3rd party apps with the introduction of “Snapbridge”.

Don’t get me wrong – I like that you are introducing with new approaches for the connection of smart devices. But it’s definitely unfortunate that you decided to exclusively allow only your own app to access the WiFi interface and blocked any special app from third party developers.

It’s even understandable that Snapbridge is still at the beginning (currently it does not even allow changing camera parameters at all) and I really wish that you will to improve this app in the future and make many users happy. But it is also clear that this will never be an app that can support all the special applications for us timelapse photographers, astro photographers, macro photographers and so on in a way like specialized tools, which were developed by experts in their area over years.

I would therefore ask you to restore the ability to work with our specialized tools. We will then continue to use your cameras with pleasure and create great, creative work with them in our special areas! Unfortunately, as of today this is not possible with any of the cameras which have Snapbridge enabled.

My request

Technically, the standard WiFi interface is also available in your new cameras with Snapbridge, and in principle it even would work with our specialized apps. Unfortunately, currently the cameras switch it off after a short time, as soon as the user switches from the Snapbridge app to another one.

Concluding, the only thing missing for us in your new cameras is the possibility to manually turn on WiFi via the menu independently of the Snapbridge App!

This is my modest request: Please give us back the possibility to use WiFi independently of Snapbridge! We would be really happy, if you could provide a firmware update for the Nikon D500, D5600 and D7500 and a corresponding implementation in all upcoming cameras. The timelapse community and all others who depend on an open WiFi implementation will continue to be faithful users of your cameras in the future!

The other issues, for example, with regard to the internal intervalometer, should be addressed, but we can easily work around them by using external tools.

However, if you really mean it with your new focus on timelapse photographers, I would like to offer you my expertise as a consultant. I’d be more then happy to help you developing a state-of-the-art timelapse solution for your cameras, leaving nothing to be desired!

Thank you for your consideration and all the best wishes for the next 100 years,


Management Summary (TL, DR)

  • Nikon cameras in principle are ideally suited for timelapse photography due to their high dynamic range sensors and very good ISO performance.
  • However the timelapse tools implemented in the camera are limited in some respects, mostly the intervalometer blocks the camera for too long.
  • Using A-Mode and ISO automatic is not the proper technique for shooting timelapse in changing light conditions.
  • For modern approaches to timelapse photography, we need special external tools, primarily a high-performance intervalometer, and secondly, a so-called “ramping” tool, which controls the camera exposure depending on the light situation.
  • Such external tools have been developed in recent years and work great. For this, WiFi has been established as the main interface for camera control.
  • Unfortunately the WiFi interface of all younger Nikon cameras that implement Snapbridge, can no longer be used by those tools.
  • Technically the WiFi interface is still available, but it can not be accessed by external tools because it can not be switched on without the Snapbridge App.
  • Nikon cameras with Snapbridge are therefore not suitable for ambitious timelapse, astro- and macro photographers, who want to control the camera via WiFi using their special tools.
  • A simple solution would be to make the On/Off switch for the WiFi interface available again from the camera menu, so that WiFi could be switched on independently from Snapbridge.

A Request to my Readers!

To sign this appeal to Nikon, please leave a comment below! The more voices we have, the more force our common request will have when I send it to Nikon!

After commenting, please share this letter on your social networks so that we can reach even more people! Thank you!

UPDATE: 23.03.2019

Nikon has just released a firmware update for the D500, which also offers open Wi-Fi in addition to Snapbridge, making it one of the first real “feature updates” for a Nikon camera that’s been on the market for a while! That means, users can now freely use the D500 with qDslrDashboard and other apps. Thank you Nikon!

I still have one wish: please also update the D5600, D7500 and D850!

Here’s the firmware update. (Do not be bothered by the somewhat vague description of the innovation there, several D500 users already have tried it and confirmed to me that it works).

About the Author

Gunther Wegner has been dedicating himself intensively to improving timelapse photography techniques for many years now. He gives workshops and trainings for amateurs and professionals and consults companies in the field of timelapse photography.

He is also the developer of LRTimelapse, the world’s leading software solution for timelapse editing. LRTimelapse is being used by professional filmmakers as well as amateur photographers around the globe. Gunther has also developed a high-performance intervalometer, which can be built freely by anyone as an open source project. In the field of external ramping devices and ramping apps, he closely works together with the leading providers of such solutions acting as a consultant.

Gunther is currently working with 2 Nikon D750s, which he considers very valuable tools for his own timelapse productions, due to their open WiFi implementation.

Examples of Gunther’s own timelapse work:

Further Information

Thank you for your support!

505 Responses to Open letter to Nikon

  1. Mike says:

    Great article. Congrats!!

  2. Gunther Wegner says:

    UPDATE: 23.03.2019
    Nikon has just released a firmware update for the D500, which also offers open Wi-Fi in addition to Snapbridge, making it one of the first real “feature updates” for a Nikon camera that’s been on the market for a while! That means, users can now freely use the D500 with qDslrDashboard and other apps. Thank you Nikon!I still have one wish: please also update the D5600, D7500 and D850!
    Here’s the firmware update. (Do not be bothered by the somewhat vague description of the innovation there, several D500 users already have tried it and confirmed to me that it works).

  3. Jimmy from HK says:

    Nikon, please do it! Or I will be switching to Fujifilm or Canon! They are more flexible on this.

  4. Alexander Friedrich says:

    100% agree with this request.

  5. René HEYER says:

    Support from Switzerland

    Nikon’s SnapBridge in connection with the relative new Coolpix P1000 is like playing Roulette. On rare occasions you hit a Jackpot.
    Snapbridge is very unreliable. A firmware upgrade for the camera is despirately needed as well as a Software upgrade for SnapBridge.

    Please make it happen a.s.a.p.!

  6. Rob Kearns says:

    I completely agree with the opinion and ideas as expressed by Gunther. Even myself, as an avid hobby photographer, am astounded at the limitations of the new Nikon cameras. This seems to a case of Nikon wants to be like everyone else and have “an app for that”, but the app simply does work and would appear that NIkon is just being stubborn in offering a wall of silence to customers that really wish to continue to support Nikon and the camera purist market as opposed to smartphone photography.

    Nikon, I think you have a loyal customer base that is very knowledgeable about your products, please respond and at least let us know if you are even listening or if these ideas are being considered or in production.

    My experience with snapbridge and trying to interface my latest Nikon with the real world has been extremely disappointing. I like my Nikon, but I want to love it. Open wifi and USB would do that for me.


  7. 100% agree with this request.

    On an aside, I have found a workaround for my D850 where I first initiat wifi connection in SnapBridge (iOS) and when iOS asks to connect I instead use my laptop to connect to the wifi (password appears in wifi settings of camera at this time). This allowed remote control via qdslrdashboard.

  8. Katarina says:

    I bought recently Nikon D5600 and I am very interested about macro photography. I was excited about Helicon focus and Helicon Remote, so I bought it now. Very disapointed when I found out that I cannot use Helicon Remote at all because neither wifi not usb connection doesnt work on my camera. Whats going on here??? The camera has information about its SSID and other wifi settings but it is not broadcasting at all. Same for usb, when I connect camera with usb cable, I still cannot see it.
    Total disappointment, Nikon… :-(.

  9. Andreas says:

    please Nikon open that Gate !!! D850

  10. Funky Aden says:

    It’s a pity Nikon doesn’t listen to the very people that are, and have for many years been, ambassadors of its brand. However this is just another example of Nikon knowing best, to the detriment of its customers. Should Nikon incorporate full and unrestricted WiFi functionality, in line with what is currently available from millions of simple devices made by others? Absolutely yes. Should Nikon dump SnapBridge as not even being able to carry out its own very limited range of functions? Absolutely yes. Will it do either of these things? No. Just look at how stubborn it’s been at refusing to incorporate GPS into its DSLRs (requiring users to buy very expensive, not very durable and now discontinued add-ons) or how it insists everyone (on their newer cameras) needs the speed advantage of XQD cards despite the cost when, for 99% of users SDXC is more than adequate. Also, look back at the history of its software that, even when it was given away free remained spurned by users (Capture NX). Even worse Camera Control Pro that used to be free as part of Nikon Capture but then was spun off at over £100 when Capture evolved into NX. All of these issues make many loyal Nikon users wince – but pay up and shut up because of their overall long-term investment. But it doesn’t have to be like this.

  11. Neto Fernando says:

    100% y agree with this request!
    from France.

  12. Ira Weiny says:

    100% agree with this request!

    Whats more is the way snapbridge works (connecting via Bluetooth first then wifi) makes using snapbridge very difficult!

    Nikon please stop making it hard for your customers!

  13. Victor says:

    I fully endorse this letter.
    Nikon, please make the difference. Please listen to your customers.

  14. Peter Higgins says:

    The absence of independant wifi is infuriating and Nikon has been a little misleading in its advertising of the D850’s features.
    I gave up my D750 for the D850 and I am now starting to regret it. Having to physically connect to a laptop instead wireless tethering is a pain particulalry working around children and animals.

  15. Robert Dolovčak says:

    Support from Croatia!

  16. Djuna Bewley says:

    Please Nikon!

    I have been heavily invested in your lenses and bodies for the last 28 years. These days the external control capabilities of every camera brand vastly exceeds Nikon. I don’t want to jump ship but I will be forced to if you don’t adopt an open WiFi standard accessible via firmware upgrade.

  17. Denis says:

    I think Nikon should remove any WiFi designations from their camera specs and advertisements. Advertising something not properly functioning is a consumer fraud! We all know what a WiFi sign on device means. Perhaps is would be time to call in regulatory body or consumers protection agency in some larger country that would matter to Nikon. Shame on you Nikon, this is not the way to treat customers. I have been using Nikon cameras for over 20 years and I did not expect such attitude.

  18. Naveen says:

    Agree 100%. The SnapBride is very slow to display (not just download) photos and overall very very limited features.

  19. Jim Hanna says:

    It has been almost a year since Gunther raised this issue, Snapbridge is still useless. Nikon seems determined to deter customers from buying its products. I love my D500, but I’m very disappointed with the wifi functionality so I’ve had to switch to Sony gear. I had hoped that Nikon would see the light and fix this, but since it hasn’t, my D500 is going up on eBay.

  20. L. Harrington says:

    I was deeply disappointed to find out just how limited the Wi-Fi is. I don’t want to use a phone or tablet. I want to use my PC and I want access to ALL my photos as I take them. Let me be able to see the SD card on my network like every other device allows me to. Give us Eye-Fi-like function! These are not complicated, high tech problems. Please set us free with a firmware update!

  21. Mike says:

    Give us the wifi back! I spent a ton of money to find out that I can’t connect it to my laptop. Very disappointing Nikon!

  22. Barbara Naden says:

    Gunther, you expressed this important shortcoming of the Nikon cameras elegantly. Nikon, please listen. I decided against the 850 because of the wifi problem with the time-lapse software.

  23. Doug Mahugh says:

    Yes, please! I’ve owned a D850 for three days, and am thrilled with its performance in many ways but the SnapBridge app is a mess and after a couple hours of fighting with it I’ve concluded it’s simply not worth using. Please free the D850’s wifi capability from SnapBridge so that it can be used like any other wifi device, and allow third-party developers to build the software tools that we need. It’s a shame that such great camera engineering is so tightly coupled with such poor software engineering (i.e., SnapBridge).

  24. Alexandru Fratila says:

    Count me in.
    Snapbridge is close to useless

  25. Michael Nelson says:

    Snapbridge is a totally inadequate means of connecting other devices to what is an otherwise excellent camera. It seems Nikon continues to disregard the wants and needs of their customers.

  26. Erika Liveta says:

    I agree with all, nikon make the good move…

  27. Steve says:

    I would like to switch from Canon to Nikon. I have used my daughters Nikon and I like it. I am a time lapse photographer. I agree with Gunther. Please allow 3rd party apps control the Nikon cameras during time lapse.

  28. Roland Rick says:

    I agree 100%.

    Specially, because SnapBridge is – Nikon, sorry to say it quite directly – a piece of super-mega-crappy non usable and non working software. I can still not connect to my D500 – latest firmware installed, so latest iOS 11.1.2 and also SnapBridge.

    Thanks to Gunther for this open letter to Nikon. But I am afraid, that Nikon will ignore this, what is typical for Nikon. If it would be a Fujifilm issue, we would have got a solution within one or two firmware upgrades. By the way: Fuji is the only company, delivering also new and improved functions on firmware upgrades and not only bug fixes. So implementing a silent mode to the D500 like S1 and S2 on the D850 would be absolutely NO problem. Wanna bet? We’ll never get a S1 and S2 mode for the D500.

  29. Dehnell says:

    Hello, I use many Years the Nikon cameras. To get a good Wifi connector now I hoped and lots of other produser are able to implement it. Those user are happy to have it in there camera. Nikon I think is fixed to sell there own very expensiv Wifi professional Adapter.
    In Nikon discription I found ever “build with Professional Photographer”. I think Nikon Engeneers didn’t asked “Professionals” aboud best Wifi System. To correct the software is with one Update able and makes the Nikon community happy too.
    This system is build with a half of heart.
    Let change it to everyone’s satisfaction quickly to face it.
    warm greetings

  30. Darren says:

    Amateur photographer who fully supports this request. Owner of a D5500 at am considering moving to a newer camera, either d7500 or moving to a full frame. Didn’t by the D5600 because of all the snap bridge concerns and was waiting to see when all of this gets cleared up. This WiFi issue is just another thing that makes me hesitate more.

  31. František KRUPA says:

    Support from Czech Republic

  32. Maks says:

    Wanted to upgrade from d810 to have easy WiFi (w/o an external modem) for my macro (mostly jewellery) work but having read about all the hassle one has to go through in order to connect the camera to qdslrdashboard… now I’ll have to wait until Nikon unlocks d850 wifi. Sad but hoping.

  33. Joselyn Schutz says:

    Please create a firmware update to return a Wifi toggle switch to the menu. I’m new to my D5600 and do not own a smartphone, for a variety of reasons. I cannot find any way to make Snapbridge work with my laptop, and bizarre things are happening when I try to use a USB cord (for instance, clicking on a picture doesn’t open it; it instead copies it to an IE temporary internet file, which means I can’t scroll through one picture at a time, but instead have to open, look, close over and over again for every photo!).

  34. Charlie McCormack says:

    Just spent nearly €4k on a new D850 to find that the WiFi was gelded. SnapBridge is CrapBridge. Seriously good camera but we need proper Wifi.

  35. Dory Chamoun says:

    I just got my D850. I was very excited as I was told at a Nikon Tech Talk (by NPS) about it’s wireless capabilities. It was extremely disappointing to find out how limited it would be by sing SnapBridge. Please allow a WiFi on/off switch to allow us to use this camera to it’s full potential.

  36. David Owen says:

    Nikon, please start by introducing, via a firmware update, an On/Off switch for the WiFi interface available again from the camera menu, so that WiFi could be switched on, and stay on, independently of Snapbridge. Follow-up by enabling all controls described by, for example, Gunther Wegner. I’m currently using D500 and looking at D850 also.

  37. Matthias Kaiser says:

    Please nikon open up the system for wifi.
    I got my d850 yesterday and SnapBridge does not work at all. I’m a commercial photographer who needs the ability to show customers the pictures immediately with the iPad!

  38. Bécard Antoine says:

    I am a user (and fan) of Canon, but that does not prevent that I support you in this step. The brand is a choice, the passion is the same. The material must go towards the opening of possibilities and not closing.

  39. Please send this to Canon too. I know they don’t have “Snapbridge”, but the same principles apply. Nikon and Canon make great cameras and I don’t want to start a “who is best” discussion, but practically some of us have invested in Canon kit and can’t afford a change, and we all want to shoot awesome time lapse. Thank you.

  40. Ralf says:

    I fully support this request. A D500 user who is missing standard wifi functionality!

  41. Adrian Rucka says:

    Support from Slovakia!!! D500/D850 user

  42. Marco Lanciani says:

    Here’s my support from Italy to this open letter.
    Nikon, please, fix your WiFi. Listen to your customers and make the difference.
    Thank you Gunther.

  43. C. Hagelberg says:

    I take pictures mostly on vacation and just upgraded to a D5600. With my old Nikon Camera and an Eye-Fi card, I was used to download the pictures to my tablet in the evening, to review and sort out. With D5600 and Snapbridge, it takes half the night so that I can not review, and it drains the battery power, so that I have an empty battery the next day. I am heavily disappointed. Even the dealer proposed to return the Nikon and take a Canon instead. Is it this you wanted to achieve with the crippled WIFI?
    My full support for this initiative – do not wait much longer, Nikon.

  44. Luc Ongena says:

    Gunther can’t describe it better, we absolute need those features to create great and better time lapse video’s in the future.

  45. MEMORY-LAPSE says:

    …Thanks, Gunther!

    …I agree with you on this….ALL camera makers must begin to understand that their higher-end models are used for a variety of specialized disciplines and functions, and Need to support the many photographers who have invested hard-earned money into their expensive products, by listening to the input of actual users like yourself who know and understand the needs and limitations of the software provided with these camera models. First of all, it is simply good customer service! Beyond that basic point, no manufacturer can anticipate how their products can and will be used, and so, really need to listen to the suggestions and demands of their end users! Without us, they have no business.

  46. Herbert says:

    Thank you Gunther!

    I also hope that Nikon should implement features in our cameras what their customer want! As you described in your review it seems to me, that it is often only a firmware issue and should be possible to be updated! I hope they will do before longtime Nikon-followers will switch to other companies.

  47. Gabe Palacio says:

    Nikon, you make great cameras, but time after time, put out mediocre software. I’ve been using Nikon cameras for over 30 years and have never been able to use your software for any kind of professional workflow. Just leave it to those who make professional software and share your details to allow for optimal interaction

  48. Thank’s! Ditto on adding better support!

  49. AGREED! Ditto what was said here. It only makes sense for a professional camera to have features that professionals need rather than watered down tools that are dissatisfying and poorly regarded. We want pro features not gimmicks! PLZ Nikon
    Your boi,
    Gabe Carsner

  50. Drew Schnieder says:

    I am hoping that Nikon will comply with Gunther’s very reasonable request regarding enabling WiFi on demand.
    (FT3, FM2, D70, D700, D810)

  51. Ich besitze eine Canon und eine Sony. Wenn Nikon das Wifi wieder für Drittanbieter öffnet, wechsle ich für Zeitrafferaufnahmen sofort zu Nikon. Aber nur dann…

  52. Paul says:

    I’ve preordered the D850 this morning, and would love to have these issues addressed by Nikon.

  53. karma says:

    I pray Nikon hears our pleas.

  54. Thomas Trinks says:

    Schade das Nikon auf manchem Gebiet die Rolle rückwärts macht. Innovation halbherzig oder in die falsche Richtung.

  55. Jean Philippe says:

    For the timelapse directors, the problem raised by Gunther is really a brake on the purchase of Nikon’s latest cameras. Too bad…

  56. Jim Willis says:

    Nikon, please add option to turn Wi-Fi off and on via menu like you had before to allow 3rd party access beyond Snap bridge. I have a D7000 and looking to upgrade.
    Jim Willis – Barrie, Ontario

  57. Malivel says:

    Yes, Thanks G, shure that Nikon can do it 4 US and 4 all,

  58. Mauro says:

    Assolutamente d’accordo con quanto scritto da Gunther. Dalla mia prossima Nikon vorrei ancora di più. Interfaccia con Smartphone o Tablet via USB, cosi da risparmiare ulteriormente sulla durata della batteria.

  59. Patrick Davis says:

    Well said Gunther. I agree. Thank you.

  60. Daniel V says:

    totally agree with guenther ! please have a look on the requested changes to improve the cameras even more

  61. John Allen says:

    This is so important. This style of photography is becoming more and more mainstream. Let’s not be slowed down by libations in camera design.

  62. August Cubillo says:

    Thanks Gunther for presenting this open letter to Nikon. I hope Nikon will listen and be responsive to customers. I fully support Gunther’s recommendations.

  63. Gerhard Humke says:

    I do agree to the letter of G .Wegner

  64. Michael Euler says:

    I support Gunther’s request. It is now an opportunity for Nikon to distinguish itself in providing a great camera that allows the photographer to make creativity possible.

  65. I fully support Gunther’s request. Please listen to expert users like him who know and share techniques so interesting like time lapse.
    Thanks in advance

  66. Brian Townsend says:

    Please Nikon, listen to Gunter’s appeal. I believe the forefront time-lapse photographers have taken time-lapse far beyond the level you might have imagined. It would be a shame to accidentally prevent your new cameras from being usable, especially when you are now promoting their usefulness for time-lapse photography.

  67. I would also like to add my name to this list. It is important that we are able to be creative and allow others to be creative. It’s fair to understand that users will no always expect the same level of reliability with someone else’s app made to work with a Nikon camera. But that does not mean it negatively effects the brand, it just means you’re letting your users get creative. I use an app for Red cameras that lets you control the camera better than the Red app. Sony has an app for the FS5 that is so terrible i dread ever having to use it. Please listen to your customers.

  68. As a Hyperlapse Timelapse photographer, I struggle with the same unnecessary handicaps like Gunther. (Nikon D500/D7000)
    The theoretical possible flexibility is lost with the current technical settings.
    One must either (the timelapse) adapt to the barriers, or help yourself with external tools.
    In my case it´s a mix. Although it is totally unnecessary. Sometimes it is obvious to use the internal interval, but then, like mentioned in Gunthers Letter, the picture control time is too short. Honestly, I am a fan of your internal Interval, but please “if already then already” in future usable for all cases possible. What´s also important, is the fact, that all of us whish, that you will develop a fine and smart internal Timelapse function, which makes it possible, to automatically expose correctly for example Day to Night Shots: First the shutterspeed should increase, then the aperature should widen, then the ISO should go up.
    Now, the modes S/P/etc. do not work for timelapses as one would think they could. There are some other points I recognized in the last 10 years. My first timelapses have been with the NIKON COOLPIX L-Series.
    However Gunther mentioned all the important factors, which will make NIKON GREAT again!
    Thank you Gunther, for taking this in your hands. I think we all know, that you are doing all of us a favour with this ! Kindly, b-zOOmi

  69. Sam Berghuis says:

    What could i add to Günther Wegners very detailed commentary on the new Nikon features? I fully agree to the above. And, as both an avid Nikon-user and a passionate timelapse-photographer i underwrite Wegner’s arguments fully. Please Nikon, i hope you can make good use of the usefull advices given to you. Keep going!

  70. Excellent writeup Gunther, thank you for taking on this responsibility on behalf of all of us timelapse enthusiasts! You have my fullest support.

  71. Ricky Choi says:

    I am a nikon user since D70. I support what Gunther said. Nikon please listen to your customers requirements. Thanks.

  72. Aitor says:

    It would be great when Nikon could take into account the comments from Gunther.
    I find that the suggestions could be easily implemented by Nikon.
    He could give them a very good feedback concerning time-lapses.
    Hopping that Nikon take into account the special community of time-lapser who Gunter and LR time lapse represents.

  73. Dave Densley says:

    Thanks, Gunther. Nikon, please help us out!

  74. Elena Muñoz says:

    Günther is absolutely right. Please Nikon listen to your costumers.

  75. Having fully read Gunthers full and in depth article regarding future developments from Nikon I am in complete agreement that the Timelapse communities voice needs to be heard.
    This chap really knows what he is talking about !

  76. Curtis Thiel says:

    Gunther, it is pretty ridiculous that Nikon has disabled this feature. As an owner of a D90 and D7100 who was considering purchasing a new Nikon body, it now appears I must wait for this issue to be resolved.

    **Nikon, history has shown that those who build a closed O/S will fail. Put yourself on the side of history and Gunther and immediately restore the WiFi functionality you chose to remove.

    NIkon can be known as the guys who broke tens of millions of dollars of cool timelapse gear and replaced it with cr*p, or immediately be hailed as heroes by changing a little code.

    The answer seems fairly obvious to me 🙂

  77. Wolfgang Tolle says:

    Wake up NIKON Corp.! It’s the age of software

  78. Michael Nekludov says:

    I agree with Günther! I hope Nikon will listen to our request!

  79. Richard Jakobson says:

    Dear Nikon
    Please consider Gunther’s well argued case carefully. He points out the many positive attributes of Nikon for dedicated time lapse photographers. However these are very much negated if other functions such as camera control from smart phone apps are no longer avaialable.
    I use a D810 at the moment and was considering starting saving for the D850 following its recent “launch”. If the D850 loses the D810’s current functionality for custom timelapse I may well just pick up another D810 as spare instead.

  80. Andreas Ohse says:

    I fully agree with Gunthers words. And I hope Nikon will do its very best to keep their Customers satisfied.

    Thanks! I’m sure you’ll do your very best Nikon!!!

  81. Wessel Wessels says:

    I agree. Nikon, it is no use making the latest and the greatest , if it is not usable to the end user. You are selling less and less cameras. Have you ever asked yourself “Why?” I love my tools. Please don’t make me stick to my old stuff……

  82. Tim Elliott says:

    To those at Nikon, the only way you can regain your position in the photographic arena, i.e., up alongside Canon, is to listen to your users and implement their ideas and suggestions.
    Gunther’s expertise will only be of benefit to you not a problem, so let’s see your expertise and skills which once made you market leaders bring you back on top.

  83. Hello Gunther, Hello Nikon

    I believe it to be an important way we handle technology in our time that manufacturers recognize the necessity of open bridges, of open connections and protocols that enable technology from other companies to connect to their own products.
    Shutting of, self-isolating, is not the modern way to go. By being open to connection, one adds usability to the own product. The more usable a product is, the more desirable it is for the (potential) customer.
    If inventors, developers, spend time and money in creating new ways to make more, and more often, use of your device, that tells a story of dedication to the brand.

    Let’s keep together

  84. Stein Atle Fedøy says:

    I concur!

  85. Toni Iten says:

    Thanks Gunther, finaly i understand whats so special on timelapse. Your letter was the best overview to the needs and challenges.

    @Nikon: it lastet to long for a astro camera (D810A) and now you do it again and block us the technical sophisticated camera users from using Nikon. Its sad that you dont listen to us, your faithful customers. Hopefully you change your mind and fix the defects. The D500 would replace my D300s very well for chasing the red kite. Free WiFi, get rid of all the restrictions.

  86. David Kern says:

    I fully agree with your comments Gunther. It is high time that camera manufacturers start listening to the people who actually use their products. After all Nikon does want us to buy their cameras. Thom Hogan has been after Nikon for years about “moving the cheese around” each time there is a new model iteration. Even with all of his writing espeially in regards to getting someone who know how to logically arrange menus – it has been almost for naught. It is high time that Nikon “wakes up” and starts to actually listen to what their users are saying!

  87. Ted Case says:

    Thank you for your extensive work supporting our most favored creative activity! I agree with you in all aspects of your open letter. Hopefully, Nikon will listen. Unlike many American companies, Nikon has listened in the past, so I think there is hope for them listening to you (us) on these issues. Keep up the good work!

  88. Linda M. says:

    Thank you for taking the time to write up the concerns when shooting time-lapse. I totally agree and hope Nikon will take this into consideration with improvements in the future.

  89. James Hunt says:

    Well said. Nikon, for many reasons, you have to disconnect wife and Snapbridge. Don’t risk this important segment of your user base. I speak as a 15 year user of your products.

  90. While I shoot Canon & Fuji for most of my work – I’ve often shot Polaroid/Impossible cameras for specialized applications or processes, which is to say , I am camera agnostic – and I fully support Gunther Wegner in his plea to have manufacturers listen to their markets.

    His methods and processes work, and they work well, despite the roadblocks and misdirections knuckleheaded manufacturers present us. Listen up and change – or wither in the marketplace.

  91. I agree totally. Thanks a lot to Gunther Wegner! I have planned to buy the Nikon D500 but because of this issue I wait, until Nikon turns the direction – or I will buy an other Camera Brand. That’s how it works.

  92. Hi
    Have been using D5100 and upgraded to D5300 ,using lTR time lapse software with great effect .used mainly for northern lights time lapse sequences .
    Sadly for the moment ,the upgrading will be postponed if the current issues with external software and hardware are not addressed .
    I whole heartedly agree with Gunther on this ,and we do well to support this .You have no doubt been concerned with Nikons future , as have all the above , please except this plea in the sense it is offered ,so that Nikon can rise to meet the needs of the client and not the market .
    At least you have a free customer market research .
    Regards ,David L Smith.

  93. Olivier Arsenault says:

    Wonderfully expressed. I agree completely.

  94. Hartmut Röder says:

    Support from Switzerland. Please listen to your customers around the world

  95. Bret Culp says:


    While I understand the need for proper security, please do no restrict photographers from doing all that we can with your otherwise great tools. Listen to what your customers are asking for. Understand how we actually use your products instead of presuming you already know, or worse, thinking you know better.


  96. Vincent Istas says:

    Fully Agree with this open letter .Thank you Gunther for all the wonderful community work you are performing on time-lapse matters.

  97. Dave Murrell says:

    I fully agree with Gunther’s request. Give photographers the full capability of your cameras.

  98. Richard Miller says:

    Nikon, I love your lenses and sensors but wake up! Nikon – change or die. Snapbridge is a complete joke – horrible. Easily moving images from camera to social media is a requirement for your products to be successful with the next generation of photographers – it is key to your survival. Yes, hard core professionals with stay committed to you, but ignoring the masses of amateurs – who are critical to your bottom line – is very foolish. Wake up! Hire Gunther and Tony / Chelsea Northrup to design your Software / Apps / WiFi to meet the needs of both high end professionals and the amateur masses. Tony and Gunther are both Technology and Photography professionals who have a unique combination of passion, technical competence, artistic sensibilities and the ability to understand the needs of other photographers. They can expertly communicate to your technical staff a clear vision of where you need to be with your brand. Nikon, I love your lenses and sensors but wake up! Nikon – change or die

  99. Peter Ladan says:

    Hi Gunther, it’s been a while for me too! I fully support your letter to Nikon. You gave me the right advice to buy the Nikon D750 for timelapses just because of it’s great wifi capabilities.
    I think that all the replies that you received show that the Nikon users are serious about their business. I hope that Nikon fully understands that we are all paying customers. Not listening to our requests is in my humble opinion quite unbusinesslike. It is not that there are no good alternatives for Nikon cameras today. We are all very loyal customers who have been investing in this brand extensively and that should stand for something. It would be a good thing to know how many Nikon cameras we own together and add up the value of that. That should probably cover a fair portion of Nikons R&D investments. Maybe some of the decision makers could read the classic: Hearing the voice of the market. They might realize that listening to us (free advice) will result in definite future sales and I think that business is all about that…I can be wrong of course.

  100. Glenn Martin says:

    I fully support your request to Nikon

  101. John Edwards says:

    I fully support Gunthers request. This is yet another chance for Nikon to differentiate itself in providing a great camera that enables photographers creativity.

  102. David Coiffier says:

    Hi Gunther, it’s been a while! Of course I fully support your letter to Nikon, even if I don’t feel very concerned at that time since I prolly won’t switch to Nikon due to too many EF lenses on my side 😉

    I’ve also discovered your DIY intervalometer project, and I really love it! I have no time to build this myself so I’m wondering if you would build one for me, or know someone that could do it ?

    Thanks for all, and keep up the good work!

  103. Tim N says:

    Full support and a simple request to Nikon really!

  104. Branislav Beliancin says:

    I fully support Gunther’s petition.

  105. Suade Bergemann says:

    Yes please – I also back this point made by Gunther. I’m a time-lapse photographer using Nikon D7500.


  106. Hendrik van Huyssteen says:

    Thank you Gunther, we support your request to Nikon, and I have no doubt they would listen.

  107. Dianne Newman says:

    I was considering purchasing an D500 but taking into account the the issues outlined in Gunther’s letter I can see that the camera would not meet my requirements for time-lapse. Manufacturers need to consider the requirements of end users in adding new features to their cameras

  108. Ju Lim says:

    I use a D750 in the Studio where it can wirelessly transfer each photo as it is taken to my laptop. My clients love this setup as they can view each photo and provide instant feedback.
    Very disappointed that recent Nikon models have their Wifi locked down to the Snapbridge App. It won’t be so bad if Snapbridge works properly but at the moment, it’s a piece of crap.
    Come on Nikon, it’s time to embrace the 21st century and leave the old Japanese corporate mindset behind. Communication protocols such as Wifi should be open to 3rd party alternatives.

  109. Agree with Gunther, and this of course applies to the other manufacturers as well. Good marketers listen very closely to their customers, so there is hope.

  110. Jan B. Heilund says:

    Gunthers arguments, observations and requests are sensible and important both for professionals and amateurs (like myself). Producers should listen to the consumers for wanted features and enhancements. Panasonic have done that developing the GH (1-5) cameras – important to the success of these cameras.

  111. I agree, and support this request.

  112. Wilfried Klein says:

    Hi Nikon, you should listen to Gunther. An offer you should not refuse. It is never wrong to listen to customers who are so loyal to your brand.

  113. I agree, and support this request; I hope that Canon will also heed to Gunther’s request. We buy their products for once they have to listen to the ones, whom maintains them in a job.

  114. I am a Nikon user for 35 years, using a D 810 & D5, been considering to change to Sony, because of the reasons stated by Gunther, if you change and allow an open Wifi I will consider buying the D850, otherwise goodby Nikon.


  115. Torsten Westphal says:

    Hi Gunther,
    three years ago I was inspired by you to start shooting timelapse, in the meanwhile I’ve got much better! I’m still using my existing Nikon equipment and follow the workflows you worked out.
    So it is really important for me that Nikon still opens there WiFi! Now I’m shooting with D610 and D750… but when I plan to upgrade my equipment I really need this feature!
    I just can underline your initiative and hope that Nikon has an open ear for their customers…
    … Torsten

  116. Gunther is right to the point. There is no sense producing very powerful tool and than limiting it so it cannot be used to it’s full potential.

  117. Barry Knight says:

    Nikon, listen to Gunther and your customers!

  118. Ian M says:

    Open and flexible wifi connectivity is a must in today’s technological world. I am a Nikon user and these cameras are tremendous pieces of engineering but they also need to incorporate what the current market and user-type is using them for. The complexity of satisfying all photography segments is evident but surely an independent wifi control is something that will benefit the whole gamut of styles and preferences. Opening up the wifi accessibility will only add to the appeal that Nikon cameras currently enjoy. With Timelapse in particular, it will allow us to push the boundaries of what is creatively possible by using your equipment to the very limit, and in this respect Gunther has been at the forefront of development of the interfaces that help us achieve our creative goals for a number of years. You would be wise to respond to his requests.

  119. Marco Hinic says:

    I am an happy LRTimelapse user and would love to see this possible. I am currently waiting to upgrade my D7000 to a D7200 and it will definitively make it much more interesting for me if the WiFi can be used for time lapsing.

  120. Martin says:

    Nikon – PLEASE!

  121. As a long time Nikon user with currently a D800, D810 and D810a I am just waiting for the day that the D850 is listed to be ordered and will immediately buy. I already use the combination with Camera Control Pro 2, UT1 plus WT-5 for remote control of my camera and explore other options regular. My specific use case requires the camera to be installed in a height out of reach, so wireless connectivity is a must. The inclusion of built-in WiFi support for the D850 is one of the main reasons I will purchase the camera and this would be a great step forward, but if this feature would be limited to propitiatory Snapbridge only, then I will consider this a very serious (and unnecessary) limitation.

  122. Les Ladbrook says:

    I agree and support the open letter to Nikon, please listen to your customers, we have enjoyed thes e features that Gunther talks about in our previous models up to the D750, of which I own two of them for my astro/timelapse work. For an amatuer like myself to spend money on two D750’s and associated Nikkor lenses is a considerable layout in money terms, and I would would be very dissappointed if you don’t bring these feature back in the new models. I will be considering the D850 when it comes out, but will wait to see if these features have been re-implemented in the new camera. My lenses are the Nikkor 14-24mm f2.8, 20mm f1.8, 24-70mm f2.8, 70-200mm f2.8, 200-500mm f5.6. Nikon please take our concerns seriously, we love Nikon equipment.

  123. Pierre Bart says:

    I agree with and support this letter.

  124. Martin Gygax says:

    I fully agree with Gunther.

  125. Dear Nikon:

    Everything that can possibly be said has already been well discussed.Please, Nikon, help us in the time lapse community by incorporating better wi-fi capabilities in order that we might control our cameras remotely with apple controlled by smart phone and tablets.

    Dale Davis,M.D.

  126. Dear Gunther and Nikon:

    All that has been said summarizes my feelings and my support for Nikon to develop and issue any new camera with better wi-fi capability for the time-lapse photographer.

  127. Chris says:

    I was extremely disappointed when I discovered how horrible the built-in wiFi on the D500 is and how cumbersome the SnapBridge app is. Wifi on my D500 has been almost entirely unusable. It is LESS functional than my D3200 with the $60 plugin wifi module (which doesn’t work on my D500)! I have been getting increasingly frustrated with Nikon and this wifi issue has pushed me over the edge, it’s absolutely ridiculous. This is no way to treat your loyal customers. This is the last Nikon camera I will buy. I’m done. I will no longer recommend your cameras. You absolutely should have known better than to cripple the wifi and then expect us to buy a $700 wifi module as a fix. It’s disgusting. Shame on you.

  128. Golly, I can do pretty much anything with my dinosaur Canon’s WIFI. But Nikon is even more asleep than Canon. Next camera will not be either one unless a lot changes. Mostly it is attitude towards the market and effective listening to photographers that needs to change.

  129. Darren says:

    I love your cameras. Please allow us to use these great tools to their potential. It’s the cheapest easiest way for you to secure market share. Allow these amazing developers like Guhnter to make it a “no-brainer” to pick and invest in Nikon.

  130. Marshall Ambros says:

    There is a reason iOS and Android have succeeded most in the marketplace, and MS Windows before them: it is because they made their hardware open to software developers. Apple nearly died because they tried to close-off their hardware in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Take a lesson from this Nikon! Leverage the enthusiasm of your customers by allowing us to add to the tools you create! Please re-assign your Snapbridge marketing and dev team and hire your customers for free. It would be a win for us and a win for you.

  131. Colin Booth says:

    I agree with Gunther

  132. Andrew Waudby says:

    Couldn’t agree more with your comments!

  133. Stephen Christie says:

    I add my support to this, and I hope Nikon can take this action to help us continue to grow in our time lapse work!

  134. Alison McAlpine says:

    Wonderfully expressed. I agree completely. Nikon please listen and make these changes!

  135. Tom Nevesely says:

    I agree as well!

  136. Steve McCarthy says:

    We must never accept any vendor’s attempt to restrict us to their own “walled garden. ”

    Nikon, you must open up WiFi so that it works with accepted standards and preexisting WiFi equipment.

  137. To Nikon Worldwide/Nikon Australia.
    As a Long time professional Nikon user, and a Nikon School teacher in Brisbane Australia. I completely agree with the author. I have been a fan of Gunther Wegner for many years. In my timelapse classes I suggest that my students use his software to process their work. Timelapse is still a very popular method of recording and documenting life, both in the commercial world and the personal .
    I think it would be of great benefit to all concerned if Nikon were able to implement at least some of the ideas presented. This would afford the Nikon user more flexibility and control over the process, maximising the full creative power of the camera. Cheers Michael Cranfield

  138. I’m in agreement. Because of the current setup for timelapse I must keep a many years old D7100 on hand just to use for timelapse. This certainly discourages me from buying any new Nikon camera, and that is a hard thing to say for a man who has used Nikon DSLR’s for more than 55 years.

  139. Shiv Verma says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with Gunther. Not only is this an important issue for Nikon, but for all the other manufacturers of digital cameras. It is your custometrs that keep you in business so please pay heed to what they say and what they request.

  140. G Walker says:

    I have been a Nikon DSLR user since 2007 and LRTimelapse for the past 5 years. Please improve the Wifi functionality for the benefit of us (end users). Thanks

  141. Randy Woodard says:

    I fully support this request, please listen to your customers.

  142. Steve Brims says:

    What he said!
    Go Gunther!


    I could not agree more! My camera -D610, is currently in for service at Nikon for the SECOND time in a period of less than two weeks (turn around time) due to issues with the internal interval timer. The camera is practically new, yet they can’t seem to find what is causing the issue. I finally got a senior tech at customer support to listen to my issue, and he followed it up with corporate. Still waiting for the final outcome.

    If we do not have access to the use of third party software and are limited strictly to the use of Nikon’s proprietary offerings, those who find themselves stuck with issues such as mine are the real losers. At this point I am too invested in high end glass to switch manufacturers, and even if I did, what is out there is not exactly perfect either…

    Please, Nikon, hear us out. It would seem that you still have time to make what appears to be a relatively simple and inexpensive, yet exceptionally positively impactful change to the D850: Make the software “open source” so that as users we have the choice to decide for ourselves which software best meets our needs.

    Thank you for listening…

  144. Stephen Rouse says:

    Thank you Gunter, for such a cogent explanation of a growing problem, and thank you Nikon, for listening to our reasonable request. For many of us, the choice of camera brands becomes a very expensive and all encompassing, almost lifestyle, choice. Every device, lens, attachment, and even software is selected based on its ability to play well with our chosen brand. Hampering a great product with a crippled function is an extremely bad choice. For many of us, this is precisely the reason we do not prefer Apple products; because they do not play well with others, and restrict functionality.

    Change this!

  145. Joaquin Fabrega says:

    Dear Sirs. I own a Nikon D810a, I agree with Mr. Wegner´s point of view and support his petition.

  146. Chris says:

    go for it!

  147. Gary Jones says:

    Been a Nikon stills shooter for over 50 years, but have had to move to Sony and Panasonic platforms for my digital time-lapse work. Would love to see Nikon move to the head of the pack with some Wi-Fi improvements. Thanks.

  148. Glauco Castro says:

    You have my support!

  149. Though I currently shoot Canon I am looking at switching. Both Canon and Nikon seem to be losing the battle to the mirrorless onslot. Canon? Nikon? What are you going to do?

  150. Stefan says:

    Thank you Gunther for bringing this important issue to the attention of Nikon. Nikon, Please pay attention to your users as you start your second century of providing products for photographers of all ranges of experience and usage. We do not all shoot for National Geographic, but many do. We do not all shoot just jpg’s for sharing on Facebook or at home, but many do. We do not all shoot time-lapse, but many do. Continuing your tradition of making versatile camera systems means maintaining continuity from one model to the next in a series.

  151. Trish Mcauslan says:

    I have been a happy Nikon user for at least 30 years and love timelapse. I want to keep developing my skills in this area and would be very disappointed if Nikon spoils this. Hopefully Nikon you will listen to Gunther and others in the timelapse community.

  152. Charlie Rubins says:

    To whom it may concern at Nikon,
    Gunther Wegner is a global leader in the photography and timelapse community. The fact that he uses Nikon should tickle your corporate fancies. Your company is celebrating its 100th Birthday of producing excellent glass and bodies for professional and hobbyists alike.

    Hopefully, your Board of Directors will have read Mr. Wegner’s letter and give you the go-ahead to implement the changes requested. I can only see this as a win-win.

  153. Thales Martins says:

    So here is the best opportunity for Nikon to back on track and regain the market that is loosing for companies like Sony. We all know that Canon is lost in time and nothing seems to come from them in the near future. Nikon is planing to bring to market the 850, and first impressions over net net doesn’t look good for upgrading. We all know that the Nikon is going over several internal processes to modernize the company and bring back the “wow” for the new products and technology. If Nikon really wants the get on track and stop loosing customers this will be the opportunity to fire some of those marketing people and develop a better relationship with their wide range of costumers. Timelapse has a large community of people and Gunther Wegner has made his name inside this photography niche. All demands in his letter to Nikon are mine also, and of many others, I imagine.
    So to make it short for Nikon; listen to your costumers and revise your plans to fulfill your costumers needs and expectations profitably, and the sun will shine again for this great company and for us.

  154. Eugene says:

    +1 Ukraine supports

  155. Dear Nikon, please consider these requests and think about the fact that most high quality timelapse videos credit LrTimelapse software as one of the main tools used. Also, while most of these video makers used LrTimelapse, only a portion of them used Nikon. It will be to your advantage to capture more of those artists in the future by cooperating with Gunther Wegner on features needed to maximize quality of timelapse videos. I am a Canon shooter but would definitely consider a switch to Nikon if your cameras addressed more of the issues outlined in this letter.

  156. Robert Weissburg says:

    I agree completely. It is critical to develop cameras that meet the needs of all user groups and this requires good communication with them. I have been an exclusive Nikon user since 1975 and I’d hate to have to switch, but function is of the essence. Flexibility is critical.

  157. I agree. I’ve used Nikon cameras all my adult life, and don’t want to change. Please listen to what these people are saying.

  158. Shane P White says:

    Mr. Gunther Wegner has for quite a few years now developed a unique and indispensable tool to those of us who aspire to and do shoot professional timelapse material. I wholeheartedly endorse his appeal for a closer collaboration with Nikon to make our tools ever better.
    Sincere Regards
    Shane P White, one of the most travelled professional Nikon Shooters in the world. Currently in the Amazon.

  159. Fritz Richter says:

    Absolutely support that here! If you want to survive the upcoming challenges (Mirrorless etc), you should support your customers as much as possible and keep them happy. We are talking about pros who know what to do.

  160. Gunther is right. C’mon Nikon! You’re starting to get a reputation for being old, stuffy, and not on the cutting edge. We all want to use your gear in exciting new ways. If we do, we’ll buy more of it, and so will the people who see our work. on the other hand, if everyone starts to hear “Nikon can’t do that,” then…no so good news.

    Gunther is right. Listen to him!

  161. Tim Berglund says:

    Gunther, thank you for your leadership and tireless contributions to this space! Time lapses would truly not be where they were without your engineering and educational efforts. I very much hope Nikon takes your message to heart. There is so much chaos in the enthusiast-level camera market these days, and they would be wise to recall that open standards are a key to success in a space like theirs.

  162. Dave Lindey says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with Gunter. For the rationale cited by Gunter in his open letter I consciously have resisted purchasing any of the Nikon models for the reasons stated. You see I am a fine art nature, astro-landscape, time lapse and remote photographer and I am heavily invested in Nikon gear in that I own a D810, D800, 2 x D750’s, 2 x D7100’s and an assortment of Nikon pro quality glass. Because of the Nikon approach I am seriously considering changing to the Sony mirrorless platform even though Sony has its own issues..So Nikon please consider the well documented comments put forth by Mr. Gunter Wegner. He speaks for all photographers with a passion for long exposure and time-lapse shooters.

  163. Leon G Higley says:

    I completely agree with this analysis. Closing options for photographers who have been committed to Nikon photographic equipment strikes many of us as ignoring your customer base. Moreover, the limitations and problems of Snapbridge, which are well publicized by the photographic press, add a twist to the knife in closing wi-fi access. Allowing third party applications to work with Nikon equipment dramatically increases the usefulness of that equipment.

  164. Axel Kunze says:

    Could not agree more

  165. Roman S says:

    I absolutely agree!

  166. Daniel Chen says:

    Please Nikon open the Wifis!!!

    I think you make the best timelapse cameras, please keep them that way!

  167. John Mills says:

    Dear Nikon,

    I’m a Nikon customer and I support Gunther’s requests – especially for an open WiFi implementation for my D500.

    Also if you are serious about your products supporting/facilitating timelapse shooting you will be hard pressed to find a better consultant than Gunther.

  168. Ed Bechtel says:

    For some reason, the entire music industry was able to decide on a standard communication protocol, MIDI, that *all* companies still recognize and support. It seems that the great camera companies could do the same and not constrain their protocol to a proprietary app.
    Nikon’s choice to limit WiFi use to their Snap Bridge is almost as feckless and short sighted as Canon not including an onboard time-lapse feature in their EOS camera bodies.

  169. Jay B says:

    Nikon – please give us the requested access. It only makes your brand better. Thanks


  170. Paul Blais says:

    Gunther, You have described the problem in all the dimensions with clarity. You are an amazing voice!

  171. vincent rouzier says:

    I agree.
    NIKON please, just WIFI not more not less.

  172. Gregg Moore says:

    I do own a couple of Nikon D40’s and a D700. I like Nikon but I believe that I will have to Widen the scope and look for other brands on my next purchase at the end of this year in stead of just going for another Nikon.
    Thanks for the heads up so I don’t make a mistake.

  173. Dennis Yarbro says:

    Nikon, Please pay attention to your users as you start your second century of providing products for photographers of all ranges of experience and usage. We do not all shoot for National Geographic, but many do. We do not all shoot just jpg’s for sharing on Facebook or at home, but many do. We do not all shoot time-lapse, but many do. Continuing your tradition of making versatile camera systems means maintaining continuity from one model to the next in a series. I personally use your D750 and the D810A for mostly time-lapse and work. But I still shoot the occasional travel shot as well. Please pay heed to Gunter’s comments. He is a very good teacher as well as developer of software and hardware products to support the time-lapse community and his needs match most of that community. Thank you for your consideration.

  174. Very well explained Gunther, I support your letter.

  175. reini says:

    Please bring WiFi back.

  176. I agree. I have been a Nikon user since the Nikon F. I use a D750 and it’s WiFi to connect to qDSLRdashboard for time-lapse video for many of the reasons Gunther lays out above.

  177. Florian says:

    Thumbs up for Gunters request. There is nobody worldwide with such knowledge about TimeLapse and enthusiasm about this lovely connection between fotography and video. The wifi connection as one control option is essential for timelapser.

  178. Peter A Calvin says:

    I agree. have been a Nikon user since the Nikon F. I use a D750 with it’s WiFi capability to connect to qDLSRdashboard for time lapse photography, for many of the reasons Gunther lays out above.

  179. Urs says:

    I totally agree with this open letter to Nikon. The days of proprietary solutions has been gone for long…. Today’s successful products require to be open and extensible!

  180. Strobl Walter says:

    I need WiFi without SnapBridge.

  181. Jan says:

    I agree to 100 percent.
    Please Nikon, move your ass:-)

  182. Martin Deja says:

    Not a Nikon user, but here is my voice!

  183. Rolf Moser says:

    Please Nikon, we need this.

  184. Don C. says:

    I agree and thank you Gunther.

  185. Marco Ranieri says:

    Dear Nikon Corporation,

    I fully support Gunther Wenger, and his clear and concise statements in his open letter to you. Please pay attention and make the requested changes to your cameras to prove you FULLY support your loyal customers. The photography world is watching.

  186. Derek Newton says:

    I agree… if you cannot produce software that can fully control your camera via smart device (Android or iOS), then open up the wifi and leave it to the people that are willing to create the development.

    *** Update all firmware of wifi supported cameras to open up wifi connectivity to any device ***

  187. I’m not even a Nikon user, but if Nikon takes action here I may reconsider. I think the value of Gunther’s consultation would go beyond technical for Nikon, as it would also earn considerable goodwill since he represents the majority of the time-lapse community.

  188. I too am a D500 shooter and love the camera, but do not particularly like SnapBridge. Please allow 3rd parties to access WiFi, Bluetooth and Nearfield for control of all hardware capable cameras — new and existing.

  189. I love my D500… but I hate snapbridge…
    Please release my cam from these chains of slavery

  190. Kevin Johnston says:

    I’m in agreement with Gunther on this.

    We need to make Nikon control accessible to other software again. This is the future if were to continue as Nikon users.

  191. aaron b says:

    I need WiFi without SnapBridge.

  192. Jack Harrison says:

    An open Wi-Fi system that third party apps can access is the future! There are limitless uses that people can use with this amazing technology, I hope Nikon takes this 100 year anniversary to look forward to see what can be accomplished!

  193. Ed Haskell says:

    Please, Nikon, do this!

  194. I already work a long time with Nikon cameras and I love most features of my Nikon D500. But it is really a shame that it can’t connect via WIFI! If I want to do macro focus stacking with an app like Helicon Remote I have to switch back to my old camera.

    Nikon, please listen to your customers and make your cameras as “open” as possible. Not only enable WIFI, but also provide SDK’s and guidance for developers. There are some many great developers on the world. Help them building apps that control Nikon cameras so we have more tools to create fantastic images.

  195. Werner L. says:

    I totally agree!
    From Austria.

  196. Michael Kaplan says:

    Nikon please listen to your customers and make the much needed changes. We love shooting with Nikon cameras and would like to keep doing so.

  197. Andreas Boes says:

    I totally agree with Gunther.

    There is much better Software on the market, so please do not “Limit” your great camera to your own software. This will only anger you customer.

  198. Brian Alexander says:

    As a long time Nikon user, I hope they will pay attention to the needs of the community.

  199. Michael J Hach says:

    I totally agree with the 300+ entries in this petition.

    I was contemplating purchasing the D500 moving from my D7000, but have second thoughts now that the newer cameras limitiations to run 3rd party apps is being hampered.

  200. Manuel Pedoussaut says:

    Luckiky, the build-in intervalometer allow to shoot more than 999 pictures since the d4…😣
    . I use a third party intervalometer that can shoot 9999 pictures for years. Nikon did not care to change it…
    I use 10 caméras at thé same Time…

  201. Gunther, I fully support your move and hope Nikon will respond accordingly.
    I know a lot of photographers who are more and more looking towards Sony solutions. Nikon has to evolve regarding photographer’s needs and not making stock market oriented announcements.

  202. Daniel Bettenworth says:

    Personally I think, the camera market is very competitive and keeping standards close is a big disadvantage for Nikon (especially in Nikons situation).

  203. Steve Wilcox says:

    100% agree!! Been a Nikon customer for years. Don’t kill a great product with artificial limits!

  204. Hudson Henry says:

    Nikon, I’ve been a Nikon user since the days of film and I love to create Time-lapse. We absolutely need the ability to use specialized apps with our cameras. I coach a very large number of photographers online in ON1’s Plus community and in my own workshops around the world. Gear choice and time-lapse is something I love sharing with them. Please rectify this as soon as possible. I am VERY much with Gunther here.

  205. Anna says:

    I totally agree with Gunther. Nikon please listen to your customers! Using WiFi independently of the SnapBridge App is the most desirable request!!! As a loyal user of Nikon for more than 25 years, I want to continue using Nikon products leaving nothing to be desired

  206. prune says:

    Agree to everything said here.

    Prune – Frustrated Nikon Pro Photographer

  207. Patricio Oberg says:

    Gunther, felicitaciones por la iniciativa.
    Esperemos que Nikon atienda tus recomendaciones.
    Gracias por tu gran apoyo y contribución a la comunidad de fotógrafos de Time Lapse

  208. Frank J says:

    I fully agree with Gunther.

  209. Lucien Burkhardt says:

    Nicht nur für Zeitrafer sondern auch für Tierphotographie ist ein WIFI ohne Einschränkungen sehr hilfreich. Ich unterstütze die Bitte von G. Wegner an Nikon den alten Zustand wieder herzustellen wie wir es bereits kannten vor Einführung vom Snappbridge.
    Danke an Herr Wegner für seine Mühe.

    • Dr.Wahlers says:

      Volle Unterstützung in allen Aspekten für diesen Hinweis von
      Herrn Wegner.
      Die Verbesserungen sind sinnvoll.

      Th.Wahlers, Köln, Germany

  210. Adrian Burrows says:

    I totally agree with Gunther. Nikon please listen to your customers!

  211. John Holden says:

    As a Nikon DSLR owner I fully support this plea. I tried the Nikon Android app and was utterly appalled by it. I deleted it. Nikon should be ashamed of it. It wouldn’t be quite so bad if they had the decency to stand aside and let a good third party app in.

  212. Viel Glück Gunther und danke für dein enormes Engagement!

  213. M Trahan says:

    I agree. Nikon, please, give us control of our cameras.

  214. Hans-Gerd Freund says:

    Hi Nikon, klasse Produkte, bitte aber auch die Wünsche der Kunden berücksichtigen. Vor kurzen habe ich die Nikon D 500 gekauft. Ich stimme Gunther zu.

  215. Fabian S. says:

    Simply agree. It´s a shame that Nikon implements such a nerfy Wifi-behaviour due to their SnapBridge communication in the newer models (D7500, D500, D5600).
    If there are some open ears by Nikon there might be the chance that I´ll do the “switch” from Canon to a company that is more serious about dynamic range (this is a post from a recent buyer of a Canon 6D Mark II – little bit dissapointed by now).

  216. Tobias Borg says:

    I totaly support this petition!

    Nikon please listen!

  217. Yves Paisset says:

    Thanks Gunther for this request. It applies to all sort of “special” photography (macro, astro, …). Now, WiFi is not an option, smartphones prove it everyday. More generally, Nikon, you build great DSLR but you are not a software company. If you want a maximum users for your hardware, please, let software companies access the interfaces and develop really good apps for it.

  218. I’ve experienced same software limitations before, and now they cut our options even more. Please rethink what you are doing to your customers.

  219. Dibyendu says:

    Hello Nikon,
    Thanks to Ganther for his open letter. It is true many a times we need to do things and Nikon dedicated software and hardware stops us. Nikon might be afraid of letting third party accessories will reduce Nikon revenue. But it is the other way round. What ‘Magic Lantern’ did for Canon dslrs for the video makers. Now Canon 5D has become a standard for video shooting.
    Please let third party support Nikon in every way. This will certainly boost the sale of Nikon DSLRs as this will let the users get the best out of Nikon hardware. Else give us what we want.
    We love Nikon for its image and product quality. But many of us are shifting to other brands since because we want our dreams to come true, our business to run.
    Please Nikon, please….

  220. Thomas Jarlaud says:

    Dear Nikon, I love your products but please consider the people such as Gunther who are trying to make Nikon cameras even better !

    Thank you

  221. Roland Zauner says:

    I totally agree with Gunther. Nikon please listen to your customers!

  222. Otto Peter says:

    Nikon cameras need to support proper WiFi to connect them to phones, tablets, and notebooks without bothersome cables. Please permit your customers to use the tools they need.

  223. Paul Purdom says:

    The ability to use my Nikons in Time-lapse, Star Trail and other long exposure techniques is essential. I wish to stay along with Nikon and hope this will be a mutual journey into the wonderful night, wondering about far away galaxies. I am always looking for new tools to run my Nikons…I even make tools when Nikon does not provide the needed accessories. Although the Nikon D810 & D800 are wonderful cameras, I would hope not to be stuck there, missing future improvements.

    Thank You Nikon for taking this very seriously, as Sony so far has not taken their star-eating algorithm seriously at all, yet.

  224. Just to say as an NPU member I support this initiative, it is always important to have full control of your camera at all times.

  225. Olivier Roth says:

    I fully agree with Gunther. This is not only an issue for timelapse – the same problems occurr for remote controlled focus stacking, bracketing and panorama shootings.
    I’m happy with my D750 and flirted with the purchase of a D500 – but with this issue this is a no go!

  226. Robert Ash says:

    I agree. I’ve been a Nikon photographer for decades and I’m disappointed that Nikon closed off a useful functionality for such a grossly inadequate software like SnapBridge.

    I’ve had bad experiences with SnapBridge myself and this is yet another blindness in Nikon that is turning my favorite manufacturer from the former market leader into a laggard in market share vs Canon. Even though Nikon had overall better cameras. It’s so frustrating to see this happening.

    Nikon, please listen to Gunther and others who are trying hard to stick with you and help you in some serious gaps you have.

  227. Davey Wijngaards says:

    Well summarised! Dear Nikon, please do not lose any more of your competitiveness, by closing up this SW interface in favour of a proprietary solution. It does not benefit Nikon, will potentially refrain new users from going with a Nikon solution, and it hurts the creative process.

  228. Loïc Abadie says:

    I totally agree with Günther Wegner. I’m interested in the future D850 camera. But without the possibility of using external apps of our choice for Wi-Fi control of the camera, I won’t be able to buy it !
    It’s an essentiel feature for all timelapse photographers.

  229. Heath Sandall says:

    Fully agree, thank you Gunther. Nikon, please implement these changes!

  230. Chris Ross says:

    Nikon- please do not force SnapBridge on us. Please allow third party developers to use the built in wifi, and make future cameras (D850) more appealing to a wider audience. I am seriously considering the D850 when available, but I will not purchase another Nikon camera if this feature is not unlocked.

  231. Knut says:

    I fully agree with Günther’s pledge. Nikon should realize that we prefer to buy their products based on their expertise in optics and imaging technology, not as application software engineers. The future is open systems, and by removing the ability to use third party apps with the WiFi interface Nikon cripples the usefulness of the cameras. It would be very simple to restore these functions in affected cameras, simply by a firmware upgrade.

  232. I Completely Agree with Gunther. He knows his stuff with Timelapse. Thanks

  233. Charles Lodoza says:

    Dear Nikon,

    Happy 100th birthday from a long time Nikon user. I’ve owned Nikon cameras since 1975, and I’m looking forward to the D850. However, as a Nikon user for over 40 years, I totally agree with Gunther.

    Keep your products open to third party apps and you will see sales grow. While Nikon cameras and apps continue to get better and do amazing things, There are limits. This is where third party apps come in. By not allowing us to use them, you’ll force people to look else where for there next camera.

    I’d hate to see Nikon fade away to nothing, simply because they were too stubborn to listen.

    C. Lodoza

  234. Jeffrey Vock says:

    I agree. It is essential that Nikon allows easy interfacing with third party products including triggers, remote controls, flashes, lenses and ESPECIALLY SOFTWARE!
    All nikon software and phone apps are substandard and never used by professionals. If you don’t want to improve these products please let other companies take over!

  235. REZA RIVANI says:

    I definietly agree with Gunther and I hope Nikon will humbly listen to its users!

  236. Peter Felix says:

    i totally agree with gunther, so please open up the wifi connection for other apps then snapbridge

  237. Dear Nikon, please continue to support time-lapse photography by following Gunther’s suggestions.

  238. Ned S. Levi says:

    This is an important shortcoming of Nikon to not permit general WiFi use with their cameras. By disabling the ability of Nikon users to utilize quality 3rd party software with more capability than Nikon’s own software does Nikon users an immense disservice and if the shortsighted practice is continued, it will hurt Nikon in the long run.

    I am a long time Nikon user of more than 50 years, a member of NPS and a profession who purchases Nikon gear for its quality, features and flexibility to use 3rd party hardware and software. Timelapse photography is an important part of my work.

    It’s time for Nikon to eliminate this problem immediately, and not repeat it in the future.

  239. Ankur Puri says:

    I agree. Thanks Gunther for summing this up for NIKON! We love Nikon but need them to do the right thing.

  240. Thorsten Wittekindt says:

    Dear Nikon
    It is just that simple: the more posibilities a camera has, the more likely it will meet the demands of possible byers and the more cameras can be sold.
    Just think about!

  241. Philippe WARIN says:

    I completely support Gunther proposition. I think this is not a big issue for Nikon to solve this issue. So please ; just do it !

  242. Alex E says:

    No question, that Gunther is absolut right with this letter. Nikon, please listen to the community and implement this the right way.

  243. Florin says:

    Some Asian companies are still living in the past when it comes to adapting to market demand, listening to their customers and obtaining business intelligence from social media channels; Nikon is one of them so these actions are close to futile but there is always hope, and this message is the last piece of trust invested in what was a great camera manufacturer called Nikon:

    Dear Nikon, start listening to your customers, respect your customers and invest in Quality Control as every product you release is flawed, invest in top management to create and lead execution of a long term vision avoiding failures such as Nikon 1 or Nikon Df

  244. Elias says:

    I agree. Thank you Gunther for the details provided, and we hope that Nikon will listen to their customers!

  245. 100% agree – the only thing to criticize in Gunther’s letter is that it is so polite. The current implementation of WiFi in Nikon cameras is crap and not flexible at all. Not only timelapse needs opening the interfaces to all kind of automating. SInce most of the other camera vendors have similar limitations in this field, this is a great chance for Nikon to have a big market advantage.

  246. John H. Seidel says:

    Please open up your wifi to third party apps. Gunther makes a clear case for repairing the limitations of Snapbridge.
    My first real camera was a Nikon EM. I loved that little camera and I have had a real affection for Nikon gear since then. Open up the possibilities of what we can do with our cameras!
    Thank you, Nikon.

  247. Absolutely! Very well communicated. Thanks, Gunther.

  248. Tyson Reist says:

    Nikon, as a professional photographer who has used your digital equipment for nearly 15 years, please open up the wifi interface to allow for specialized 3rd party tools. Please make the difference and listen to your customers. We love shooting with Nikon cameras and would like to keep doing so.

    Listening to customer feedback makes a huge difference, particularly in the professional community.

  249. Gautier says:

    Totally agree with you. I informed Nikon of the d500 snapbridge problems on the very first day I got mine. Wifi should be available outside snapbridge. They say d850 has a newer snapbridge …

  250. Manu Schnetzler says:

    I hope Nikon will listen to Gunther and help users make great time lapses with their gear.

  251. HERALDO says:

    Dear Nikon, please listen.

  252. booboo58 says:

    Please seriously consider Gunther’s suggestions.

  253. William says:

    Very important request–please Nikon, make the changes requested.

  254. booboo58 says:

    Nikon, please seriously consider the suggestions Gunther has offered.

  255. Chris says:

    Nikon: I understand the requests of Gunter and support it to the full content. Please realize the changes described by Gunter (already in the D850) and also for already existing cameras (e. g. D500).

  256. Steve H. says:

    Nikon, please listen to what Gunther has requested. I wholeheartedly agree with his views and support his request. I am a long-time Nikon user, currently owning 3 Nikon cameras, and teaching my daughter photography as well. She represents the next generation of Nikon users, but if you’re only going to give us tools that won’t do what we need, she’ll likely find another camera brand to work with. Hope you’re listening, and thinking about your next 100 years.

  257. I fully support Gunther’s petition.
    Nikon, please put your customers needs first.
    Nikon user since 1980.

  258. Bjoern B. says:

    Yes Nikon,

    please open up your Cameras for 3rd Party Software – especially the newer ones with build-in WiFi…

    And another suggestion – why not “Open Source” the Firmware of older not longer supported Cameras – many Canon Users uses the Magic-Lantern to improve Performance – why not Nikon?
    The last Firmware Update of my D800 – not Lens Correction – is a few years ago…

  259. Seba Bertoni says:

    Completamente de acuerdo con tu peticiones y estoy a punto de cambiarme a Sony espero Nikon reaccione a tiempo.

  260. I so agree and I continue to have serious Snapbridge problems with both my D500’s. It is so difficult to connect. What I would like too see is the ability to tag/mark/select images on both my D500’s as I am shooting then be able to download just those images to my iPhone. When I contacted Nikon Tech support they said Apple upgrades to much. Please fix this problem. I have been a Nikon customer since I bought my first camera, I think a Nikon FM in 1981. Thank you Nikon for your attention on this and I would gladly help by being a beta tester.

  261. Brent says:

    Another thank you for Gunther. One can only hope Nikon will again start listening to their customers, but it doesn’t seem likely of late. There are all sorts of compatibility issues with Nikon Cameras and lenses and third party items and even many of their own products such as the new lenses not being compatible with later cameras including the D7200 camera and battery issues with D500

  262. Vwking says:

    Dear Nikon,

    Happy 100th birthday from a long time Nikon user. I’ve owned Nikon cameras since 1979. Looking forward to the D850.

    I’ve read Mr Wegner’s open letter and agree with everything he says. As a designer of imaging systems and infrared spectral analysis systems for industrial applications, I had to (I am retired now) make sure my systems can be easily interfaced wit a variety of third party software and controllers. It’s the only way to achieve commercial success in the 21st century. I really love the high performance of my Nikon cameras in all aspects, but I really wish it has an easier interface with the variety of apps to allow me to really explore my photographic creativity.

    Open your products to third party apps and you will see sales grow. When people can use your cameras to do things other cameras cannot Nikon will become the one and only brand to go to. It’s the way to succeed in the 21st century.
    Truly yours,

    Vincent K. PhD

  263. Per Kaer says:

    I support the open letter!

  264. matthias says:

    totally support this open letter!

  265. Bernd Maaß says:

    I can only agree with Gunther Wegner and all the other Nikon users! The first Nikon I used was the Nikon F and Nikkormat back in 1969 as an apprentice photographer, which I could not afford at the time! Since 1979 I bought and still have the following Nikon’s, F2AS, two F4, D700 (sold that to a good friend as soon as the D800E was announced) one D800E and the last one D810! If Nikon listens to what we want, then my last camera in this life will be the D850!!! And one additional thing should be added, that is if someone hasn’t already mentioned it, LIVE BULB!

  266. Hans Georg Fischer says:

    100% support

  267. Christopher Tang says:

    Nikon, please listen! You have many loyal customers whose patience is running thin with a lack of customer service and follow through. Just because we’ve invested thousands of dollars in the Nikon brand does not mean we can’t jump ship. We don’t want to. We want to stay with you. We want to continue to create art using your tools. But please remember, they are tools and if the tools prevent us from creating our best art, we will find those that do.

    Gunther makes a simple request that should be fairly easy to implement. You might need to hire some additional programmers. The quicker you respond, the better we feel about continuing to spend money on the Nikon brand.

  268. Gary Freeman says:

    As a Nikon user for more than 10 years, and a proud owner of two D810s, assorted Nikkor lens, and Nikon accessories, I clearly wish Nikon continued success. Sometimes that success will come from their own expertise, and sometimes through the co-operation with 3rd parties.

    Gunther has clearly articulated a pressing need for Nikon to make one aspect of their product line open to 3rd parties. In the absence of Nikon providing a suitable alternative, I urge Nikon to satisfy this need – or at least to provide a clear and unambiguous reason why they do not.

    As Nikon celebrates it’s 100th anniversary, now is the time for them to proclaim: I AM LISTENING TO MY CUSTOMERS, I AM RESPONDING TO THEIR NEEDS

  269. I would love to get the Wifi untethered from Snapbridge (which is slow and cumbersome)

  270. Brian Breczinski says:

    I agree with Gunther, (re-)opening the wifi on new Nikon cameras can only benefit both the company and its customers.

  271. Ariel Garcia says:

    Just another “me too” to support this request.

  272. Wolfgang N. Tremmel says:

    I agree and support this.

  273. Stephen Thorpe says:

    I agree. Let us use the WiFi if we’ve bought an expensive camera with it on. Nikon’s software always has been poor allow decent 3rd party software to work.

  274. Martin Miklas says:

    As a nikon user, I totally agree!

  275. Pieter says:

    Yes please Nikon, open up wi-fi for real apps :o)
    And hire the qDslrDashboard guy to make a kick-ass Nikon app.

  276. Coola says:

    I support the views of Gunther. Hope Nikon can make its interface more open to allow development for third party mobile apps.

  277. ben kamphuis says:

    Dear Nikon, please listen. Happy anniversary btw!

  278. Christian Georg says:

    Fully agree to Gunther’s position!!!
    The actual snapbridge implementation prevents me from further investment in Nikon products

  279. jan says:

    Hope, that also Nikon will agree to Gunther. Nikon, please help Gunther&hisCommunity. We are Nikon. 😉

  280. Kalman says:

    Agreed! I’m also a Nikon user.

  281. Nick says:

    i am exhausted writting this thousands times everywhere i could: Nikon software wise really messed upvthings seriously after 7100 / CNX2 / VNX2. At least wifi was working decently with 7200 / 750. CNX-D, VNX-i really are literraly unusable destroying a nef workflow built on nikon software for many years. Maybe they can be used on a Cray which i also doubt. Snapbridge is SO unusable, that i switched to other methods of wireless sharing (wifi SD card and card reader for smart device) and still have no wireless control of the camera. Its so garbage that would had been hundred times better to completely ommit it from the camera. Since they choose to not implement the 750 and 7200 connectivity. In general nikon marketing team zeem to be without supervision and completely cut off from the subject, the user, the msrket. i really wonder in what conditions and ways are nikon use-testing their products, if they ard at all these days. My D500 as other D500 samples is burning highlights beyond recovery under any settings and has metering and white balance incosistencies and accuracy issues. Numerous firmware updates (υnusual for previous nikons) have not fixed that yet. .Nikon regarding software keeps enjoying this bizare denial and disconection from their own product and customers .

    • Jes says:

      I was interested in the D500 but this Highlight clipping has turned me away to other brands, Nikon just can’t make a good camera anymore, it’s a shame but I think they have gone downhill they just don’t care what rubbish they make eg: D7500 you must be kidding? D600 flop, D750 recalls over and over again.

  282. Nikon provides since a log time – I would say, since ever – professional equipment for professional photographers – and I love using Nikon since 1990. To open this interface also for Timelapse-Photography should be understand as a standard for upperclass DSLR-equipment as Nikon D750/D850.
    I’ll support Günther for this request.
    Best regards
    Harald Neuner

  283. Juan Miguel Sarmiento says:

    Apoyo totalmente esta petición.

  284. Arndt Fischer says:

    I totally agree !!!

  285. Tibor Hrnko says:

    I totally agree. Snap Bridge is not a valid replacement for full WiFi functionality.

  286. Clive Moore says:

    Hi Nikon
    I have used Nikon cameras professionally since the 1970s. This has been the case due to my belief that you provide the best body functionality combined with the best glass in the industry.
    Closing out third party devices such as those mentioned in this letter suddenly takes away that “do anything ” with a Nikon approach.
    Please listen to your customers and do a firmware update to fix this. The last thing both Nikon and customers need right now is yet another reason to jump ship and move to another brand.

  287. Klqaus Prommersberger says:

    I am using LR Timelapse and I am considering an upgrade to the upcoming D850.
    BUT: Only if the pointless Snapbridge Software does not prevent proper remote control. It should be possible to use the internal WiFi indipendent from the crappy Nikon-Apps.

    Please Nikon: Do not prevent the proper usage of your products by blocking the Interfaces. Let’s face it: Software is not on the strong side of Nikon’s expertise. Hence they shouldrather encourage third Party contribubutions rather than blocking it.

  288. Alain says:

    Nikon user since 1970, and exclusively Nikon user(except for medium and large format), I completely agree with you Gunther!

  289. Jon Sparks says:

    It’s not even as if Snapbridge was great at anything else…

  290. Csaba Edvi says:

    I agree.

  291. Christoph Klingler says:

    Thanks Gunther for bringing up that Snap Bridge problem over and over again. I’m sure after you made it into Nikon Rumors with your letter and all that Nikon fans are supporting You (or actually all of us!) Nikon has to react.
    I am also Nikon user and would like to stick with Nikon. Currently I’m looking at the D7500 – but I am hesitating because of that issue.
    Please listen to your customers and change that tiny little bit of software code to allow WLAN again!

  292. Karl Operschall says:

    Please integrate the possibility to activate the WIFI via menu of the D500!

  293. Martin Hopf says:

    Fully agree to Gunther’s petition

  294. Martin Hopf says:

    I do fully agree to this request

  295. Vincent says:

    I totally agree with this. Snapbridge shouldn’t even be created. It’s a mistake. Either give us the full wifi functionality, or open source snapbridge. Create a open source environment, to improve your crappy functions.

  296. Mona says:

    Yes please, Nikon help them

  297. Mark Stephen says:

    I absolutely agree with Gunther and Nikon should be providing its customers with the features that they require.

  298. Paul M. says:

    Fully agree! I soon will also start with time lapse. Regards from Switzerland

  299. Hugh Maaskant says:

    While I currently do not do any time lapse photography I wholeheartedly support this request. Interfaces to any equipment should be open and not limited to or by proprietary tools. This is, in the long run, also better for the equipment manufacturer, as it opens up the eco system and thus drives more sales.

  300. Fabrizio Giuffrida says:

    I agree 1000%! I have not run into Gunther’s problems as I am just starting with timelapse and my camera, a D800, has no built-in wifi. I am very interested in the upcoming D850 and one of the first features I checked is if it had wifi. Please, please Nikon, don’t make a closed, Snapbridge-only wifi function, photographers need freedom to use any kind of app to get the most creative results out of their work. And our best images will also show the world how good your cameras and lenses are.

  301. Jochen says:

    I hope Nikon will take this into account with the first firmware update for the new D850 … otherwise this hopefully great camera would loose some of its potential. So please Nikon, listen to what he is telling you here!

  302. Johannes says:

    All has been said. I fully agree!
    Nikon, just do it!

  303. Jean H says:

    Couldn’t agree more! Long live Nikon… but please listen to those who matter most: your customers 😉

  304. Graham says:

    Complete agreement. Snapbridge restrictions make the software deeply flawed. Bring back WMU as an option.

  305. Clive Townley says:

    I agree entirely, It is so important that Nikon stay on the forefront of technology and offer the flexibility to allow its customers to excel in the photographic arts

  306. Stve Jones says:

    Any function which Nikon cameras cannot perform means users moving to another brand so you must take note and act .

  307. Michael Menefee says:

    I fully agree and want to be able to use these tools with my D500!

  308. Bob says:

    Nikon, please heed Gunther’ s suggestions.

  309. Bertrand Lamy says:

    Agree, home Nikon will ear you.

  310. Liam says:

    I completely agree.

  311. SnapBridge simply sucks, after knowing SnapBridge I am always more comfortable removing my memory cards and connect them directly with the computer!
    Please let us use apps of our liking

  312. WUF says:

    Nikon, please listen to your customers! Especially when they are professional!

  313. Dr. Victor says:

    Hello, Nikon. You got a classic and wonderful DSLR with the ergonomics but your snapbridge is like hell for me to use. Try many times but difficult to use. Previous app is even better. I support Gartner instead

  314. Paul says:

    Nikon, I own a d300, d700, d800, df, and a d500. I use LRTimlapse software and other WiFi interfaces to my cameras (except the d500). Please listen to Gunther. Fix the problem.

  315. Tom F. says:

    I agree, I do understand Nikons apprehension in most aspects of ther development.

  316. Robert Zimmerman says:

    This is to endorse Gunther’s request and his well documented need for this change.

    As a life long amateur astronomer – with decades of NASA experience both as civil service engineer, manager, systems engineer, and various roles as a contractor, this proposed change would make the new generation Nikons more functional and attractive for purchase.

    Much appreciation syhould be given to Gunther for the extensive work he has done both to create the software and advocate for firmware changes that would be valuable to the whole community.

  317. Vanderlei okumura says:

    I fully agree with your statements – Nikon should really deliver a firmware update very soon

  318. Carlos says:

    Wow sooo right not much more i can add but I completely agree like everyone else.

    Nikon really really needs to up their software and 3rd compatible big time seems like they are falling behind

  319. Dr. Heinrich Berg says:

    I fully support the request. Nikon should allow and even support third party developments.

  320. Jes says:

    I agree 100% with Gunther, Nikon start to listen to your customers as your market share is going down and you can only blame yourself for providing a useless app like SnapBridge which still fails to work after all this time. I think you Nikon have left it all too late people are moving on to other brands that provide what customers want you will decay like Canon. Whatever people think of Sony it’s gaining a strong share of the market and once photographers invest in it then they are unlikely to return to Nikon.
    But all this has been said for years and Nikon still doesn’t get it! nor Canon, I’ve always been for Nikon but they are so far behind, here we are in 2017 100 years of Nikon and what do we get an FX version of the D500 and it wasn’t even ready you still have to wait while other companies are bringing out 3rd and 4th generation mirrorless cameras, so even when Nikon does release a mirrorless it will still need many years to catch up to Sony and Fujifilm, where Nikon should have been the leaders in mirrorless cameras.
    I think it’s over for Nikon they are like people who didn’t want to move from film cameras to digital and think there name NIKON is all they need, well those days are gone!

  321. Jeff Schwartz says:

    I agree 100%. Having your own thing is great but allow users to expand on it and use the equipment in the ways that they want. Remember, we own the product and create the market for it, not you. Remember also that you should build the cameras we, the users, want; not the camera you feel like selling to us.

  322. Fernando Calvo says:

    Totally agree. This is the kind of feedback that Nikon needs to listen. Thank you Gunther for bringing the issue.

  323. Didaskalos says:

    Gunther, I agree with you. Nikon in in a precarious position–at least with me. Proprietary non-functional equipment and the removal of key functions and features (D7500’s no second card slot and the removal of depth of field preview) are becoming more and more “deal-breakers” for me. Gunther, Nikon is in the position to fix these issues in further iterations of their cameras and through firmware updates. I hope they do. I’m hoping that the D850 will be a turning point in Nikon’s approach regarding connecting their clientele who have appreciated Nikon excellence in the past with the future through maintaining a connection to the best combination of in/on camera features and connection to 3rd party software as you detail.

  324. Anything that makes our photographic tool become a better tool without any compromise gets a vote!

  325. Eric Anderson says:

    Yes please. The ability to utilize Snap Bridge as well as other Wi-Fi aps would be greatly appreciated. I suspect that the change could easily be accomplished via a firmware update. Please consider our collective request.

  326. Rafe Smith says:

    I’m a D90/D750 eyeing the D850 this would be the cat’s meow. Please make happen Nikon!

  327. Deb Hanson says:

    I agree with comments listed above.

  328. Tinu2808 says:

    Support from Switzerland

  329. Alex Gurevich says:

    This open letter really stands on it’s own and I fully agree!

  330. TJ Dunnigan says:

    Embracing these open standards will increase the value of Nikon cameras and the Nikon brand. Incorporating these changes into firmware updates will demonstrate Nikon’s commitment to it’s customers.

  331. I have both the Nikon D750 and D7500. I love them both, BUT right away was dissapointed in the lack of WiFi interface with the D7500. Snapbridge works okay for just transferring low res files to your smart device, but that is really about it. The Wifi interface I have with my D750 lets me transfer wirelessly full res files directly to my laptop, allow me full remote control of the camera from both my tablet or laptop. Beyond Gunthur’s time-laps requirements, I find this particularly helpful when photography bird nests and other wildlife photography. I often setup my D750 and then walk away. Birds are much less intimidated by a camera then they are by a person. Having full control of the camera with wifi I can adjust, take a picture, review and adjust and the whole time the birds act completely normal.

  332. Hans Gustafsson says:

    Just switch to some other Camera brand. Nikon never listens! I have had Nikon for over 35 years and this year I finally gave up and switched from Nikon to Sony. Even though, as of now, the D850 looks very promising, I promise you that Nikon will manage to screw it up in one way or another, simply because they are not listening to their customers.

  333. H.Fiedler says:

    I agree.
    “Make Nikon great again”
    …but with more success than the other guy with nearly the same slogan…

  334. John Nelson says:

    I totally agree with your letter. I support the effort. Nikon please hear 👂 our voice from true Nikonion lovers.

    Gunther, thanks for been a leader and a voice in this Matters.

    Regards from Puerto Rico

  335. Michael says:

    I’ve been shooting timelapses with a Nikon and Dslr dashboard for years. I love my Nikon and like to think about getting a new one. But I will not if it will limit me in my technical and creative possibilities. So, I do completely agree with Gunther. Thank you Gunther for standing up and my best wishes to you Nikon guys. Congrats to 100 years!

  336. Martin says:

    Totally agree with you Gunther! Hope Nikon read this!!

  337. Jason says:

    This is a well-written letter. I’ve always been annoyed by the minimum interval time, which is 2-3 seconds (depending on the body) longer than the longest exposure I plan on using. I’ve shot almost 5 terabytes (in raw!) of astro-landscape as well as “regular” time lapses, many of which are day/night transitions. A simple change to allow an option to turn on Wifi (like on my D750) would help immensely.

  338. A. Oliveira says:

    I totally agree with Gunther, too!
    Please: start listening your users requests and ideas!
    We all want Nikon photo gear for more 100 years.

  339. John Clarke says:

    Nikon, please allow your customers to help drive the company. The passion of your customers is the shortest (and most cost effective) line to growing the customer base. And for goodness sake, call Gunther and work with him!

  340. Mark Petersen says:

    me 2

  341. Hicham says:

    Thank you so much Gunther. I totally agree too (Wi-fi and intervalometer).
    Please Nikon Corp listen to us. What are the best specs worth if you can’t make the best out of them ?
    I’m a timelapser from Switzerland.

  342. Thumbs up! Nikon’absolutely needs to address this!!!

  343. Sengi says:

    BINGO!! Nikon cams could make a nice and sharp pictures, controlling them (cams) will be a great opportunity for night sky watchers (time lapses creators), and ability to correct settings during night/day transitions could be the best thing! (for example keymission360 day/night timelapse transition is terrible and looks like nuclear explosion) I hope Nikon will be listen our voices and fixed this problem in future cameras. it’s nice to give an GREAT EQUIPMENT to an ARTIST and allow him to do his job his own way instead of taking his creativity place!! Nikon be a leader not a boss!!

  344. Ralf says:

    Surely this smal change is a no brainer!! Just do it.

  345. Srinivas Thottempudi says:

    I agree, currently own D300 & D800. Looking to add D850 or D5. Nikon owners deserve freedom to choose their choice of 3rd party apps not just limited what Nikon thinks. If this how it will be, I will reconsider my options

  346. Tarlats says:

    It sounds very stupid to me, to try to make time laps 03:00 at night in a desert and to concern for “security reasons”…
    Just put a password for Wi-Fi and its over.
    In many occasions, Nikon is stupidly try to make hard the job of photographers, instead to make it easy, for no reason.
    Very good movement the open letter, thank you Gunther Wegner!

    P.S. Sorry for my poor English.

  347. I am currently considering my options for a camera upgrade and although not into timelapse photography I am interested in focus stacking. I suspect I will avoid the d7500 and will get a D7200 instead which can be controlled using a 3rd party app with WiFi.

  348. Douglas says:

    Get it right Nikon!

  349. DC, Canada says:

    I hope Nikon will make the requested changes.

  350. Johan says:

    Totally agree. Wish Nikon would get a better 3P support, as there are lots of amazing features and tools people have created. This enriches the entire Nikon family. Locking and blocking will only drive users away.

  351. Christopher Wakeen says:

    I agree 100%! Thank you so much, Gunther, for your expert advice.

  352. Walter says:

    Nikon, you are horrible at software!

  353. Kazuto Horimatsu says:

    Fully agree. Please let 3rd party applications to control Nikon DSLR through Wifi.

  354. Marcel says:

    Indeed the user needs to be in control of the settings and the use of the camera. If this request can solve the issue it must be implemented asap.

  355. Tom Hunter says:

    Nikon, please fix these problems

  356. Akin Adegunju says:

    I concur

  357. Michael Kern says:

    Big Nikon fan and investment, but high quality time-lapse is critical to my profession and have adopted many of the techniques Gunther mentioned in this open letter. I had every intention to buy the D850 when released but this capability will make me think twice about that…. D70, D2X, D800, D3, D810 have been my digital body investments, it would be a shame that Sony gets my next set of bodies….


    Michael D. Kern
    NPS member for 10 years

  358. Yuval Inbar says:

    Totally right. Hopes this helps

  359. I am a long-time Nikon user and I totally agree with these statements and I support the requests of Gunther Wegner.

  360. Patrick Leu says:

    Fully agree with your statements – Nikon should really come up with a firmware update very soon. And the most important: Nikon should finally hire a few competent and innovative programmers.

  361. africanmoose says:

    Absolutely agree – anything that helps us use Nikons excellent cameras is a good thing.

  362. J steven sanders says:

    I’m not a time lapse photographer but it would be nice if my D500 Snap Bridge worked properly. It’s a feature I looked forward to, paid for, and discovered to be basically worthless! My new Fuji X T2 has a better wifi system (far from great) and so many other qualities that the D500 sits unused and is almost on the market.

  363. OJ says:

    Love this – improves Nikon versatitility! Please do it, Nikon for even more #ShotOnNikon

  364. Aaron says:

    As a new user to Nikon, I have started to run into the Snapbridge limitation on other apps with my D5600. Totally agree!

  365. Tom Giffin says:

    Yes I agree!
    Nikon, please only add to, never take away!

  366. Hanspeter says:

    100% agree.
    As a D500 owner I really miss the possibility to control the camera with my tablet as I’m able to do with other cheaper cameras. There are many very strong apps avaiable but not for Nikon customers……
    @Nikon: It’s time to fix this issue and let us customer select what ever app we prefer to control our camera. Therefore please give us back our freedom of choice.

  367. Vladimir says:

    I agree.

  368. Etienne SIPP says:

    I fully agree with the comments and conclusions of Gunther. Please open the wifi access again. Thanks !

  369. Ralf Schultheiss says:

    I use several specialized WiFi apps and would never consider to buy any camera that can not be controlled by these apps.
    I totally agree with Gunter!

  370. Lars says:

    Even though i´m not a timelapse-photographer, i agree and support this appeal 100%!

    I would even extend the case and propose that Nikon in future should focus only on the in-camera software and generally provide full access to the camera-interfaces based on industry-standards.

    We have seen many Nikon-Software-Solutions and services come and go over the time and none of them could really convince and stand the test of time.
    People like Gunter and his Lr-Timelapse software are a living proof that the open community is much better suited to develop such highly specialized software.

  371. Anders Olsson says:

    I agree!

  372. Ed Jenni says:

    Thank you for such an educational article and I fully support your efforts. I am very interested in the d850 and before I read your letter I was almost certain that I would be purchasing one. I will definitely wait until full reviews have been done on the d850, particularly in the time lapse examination area before I commit to any purchase. It seems if Nikon is serious about having the best camera for time lapse they such implement your suggestions.

  373. Richard van Deventer says:

    I agree with Mr Wegner. And thank those who have the authority at Nikon in advance for their assistance achieving the goal(s) mentioned.

  374. Mark Stumpf says:

    I have been using Nikon since 1966 and still have most of the equipment i bought then. I had stopped doing photography for years until digital and continued with Nikon getting the D100, I have steadily moved along with new models my with current equipment being D500 and D800E. A simple addition to the menu system for this is almost so trivial that I can’t believe it is even being discussed. Have been planning on getting a D850, please don’t make me re-think that decision. A life long user.

  375. Steve Robertson says:

    Nikon, please, please do the right thing, many of us have invested many thousands of pounds into the Nikon ecosystem, with the purchase of many DSLR’s, Film, Compact cameras over the years not to mention the 10’s of thousands of pounds into Nikon Lenses.

    Photography is making staggering in-roads in to all sorts of new/old media formats, timelapse and micro/macro photography that utilise 3rd party software is just one such area.

    I hope you address the concerns of Gunther and us all, I hope I’m still a Nikon customer over the coming years.

  376. Ryan Trullinger says:

    Well Nikon, I bought my D5200, after deciding which camera to get, I was looking at Canon’s T3i. Just last week I was thinking about buying a new camera, it was going to be a Nikon D5600, or D7500. I am not sure now. If Nikon doesn’t want the sales gap between Nikon and Canon to get bigger than it already is, you really need to reconsider, eliminating this issue.

  377. Brent Rawlings says:

    I agree with you. It is time to open wifi to third party apps on Nikon’s DSLRs.

  378. Leo barco says:

    Please Nikon, listen to your customers!

  379. Bernhard Cron says:

    I totally agree. If Nikon does not open Wifi to 3rd party apps I will sell my D810, not buy the D850 as I intended, and switch to Sony.

  380. Vincent Philpott says:

    There is no downside to this small change that is being requested. The upside is a bigger market for you cameras.

  381. Faris Almazrouei says:

    I agree with you

  382. Konrad says:

    Nikon please take on board these comments – being able to use wifi with whatever app we might need is a valuable asset to your brand.

  383. Daniel Schmid says:

    That’s it, absolutely agree. Nikon, please do something!

  384. Stephan says:

    I totally agree with Günther.

  385. Rudy Hulsmans says:

    Fully support this request!

  386. John Turner says:

    I totally agree with Gunther, please implement this small change re independent control of Wifi.

  387. Victor Newman says:

    Wise words. Please listen, Nikon.

  388. martin bell says:

    I totally agree with Gunther!

    Please allow this and implement this small change 🙂 thanks Nikon for striving towards greatness!

  389. C H LIU says:

    I agree.

  390. Volker Zaeh says:

    Fully agree with your statements – Nikon should really come up with a firmware update very soon.

  391. Zoomer says:

    Great suggestions to Nikon! 100% agree with Gunther Wegner!

  392. Art Burkhalter says:

    We can only hope your offer to support does not fall on deaf ears. Thank you, Gunther, for this and all you’ve done for TL.

  393. Will Greene says:

    Finally, somebody speaking up to Nikon about what we time-lapse photographers really need from our cameras! Thank you Gunther!

  394. bjorn vink says:

    I agree 100% with you Gunther,
    I fear that Nikon (Japan) does not listen to it’s customers. They have great engineers, but are actually not allowed to make the right decissions. The management is still bean-counting and losing market share and the negative spiral can be seen everywhere in that compagny, steppers etcetera. The software part of this compagny is already a long time ago didged. Fuji listens much better to it’s customers.
    The principle is I think this is good for you…
    one year later statements like this “due to economical situation ….”
    Nikon is losing the low end market and this will bring Nikon in the danger zone.

    Keep on the good work.
    As a d750 / d800 user, which are great for astro lapses in the deep outback, not wanting too much stuff around…

  395. ernaldo says:

    If these additions and improvements were so readily available, you don’t think Nikon would be making them available? There’s quite a lot going on in these amazing picture taking devices. Seeing where we were just ten years ago I would suggest patience, and thanks Nikon for making great gear!
    Gunther’s point are well taken though.

    • You’d be surprised at how long it can take them to implement even the easiest suggestion. I “came up with” (and suggested) the idea of turning on auto-ISO with the sub-command dial while holding down the ISO button YEARS before they implemented it. And a few other things that were highly sought after, such as re-programming the REC button on the D800 to control ISO, which the added via firmware at a later date.

      Either way the point is, you’re better off voicing your opinion when it comes to stuff like this, because you never know, you might be thinking of something totally new that Nikon hasn’t thought of yet. Or you might at least be letting them know that people are interested in a feature they’re contemplating dedicating resources to adding.

  396. I am agree with you and i always support Nikon and always wish if they always stay on top producing great cameras , i think they should listen to what a Photographer needed . for example now these days specially in India most of wedding photographer moved to Canon just for video auto focus mode . i think they should work on it and give software updates even for old camera to improve the camera functions in video and still Photography . because great sensor also need great functions great software to get better performance .

  397. Korbinian Strasser says:

    These Problems destroy all the joy for new cameras.
    Please change Nikon

  398. Costin Iatan says:

    I also subscribe to all of the above. I am a beginner timelapser from Romania and I use Nikon and LRTimelapse as well. Nikon should work with us not against.

    Excellent job, Gunther!

  399. Giles Roditi says:

    I agree too, a well and reasonably argued case for flexibility and openness in camera systems which can only grow and build a Nikon camera following.
    Amazing work by the way !

  400. Chris Figley says:

    I agree and thank you Gunther for your work and contributions to making time lapse photography awesome!

  401. Brian Edward Hoover says:

    Gunther – Thanks for taking the time to share this frustration in a productive manner. I absolutely agree with your position and hopefully, by writing this letter, Nikon will as well.

  402. Rene van Dam says:

    100% agree with this

  403. pixotrope says:

    100% with you, so please Nikon let me stay a Nikon fan

  404. Gary says:

    Support from Israel!

  405. Audun Aakvik says:

    I agree.

  406. Jonathan says:

    Completely agree. This open letter captures the major pain points that is time lapse photographers experience when using our Nikons. With mirrorless cameras quickly becoming major players in this arena, some simple tweaks from Nikon would allow them to stay ahead of the game.

  407. Nikon should definitely listen to this advice. A proper timelapse DSLR can’t be released without these options.

  408. Please help make this a reality Nikon. This would be awesome.

  409. Frantisek Havel says:

    I agree

  410. mathias says:

    Dear Nikon,
    Gunther is 100% correct. The wifi implementation in recent Nikon cameras is practically useless and the Nikon wifi app is rather inadequate. For this and other reasons I didn’t upgrade my beloved D7000 with a Nikon but bought an OM-D. Nevertheless, I wish Nikon all the best. Please listen.

  411. Thomas Dutour says:

    Absolutely spot on.

  412. Nik says:

    Well said Gunther, hopefully Nikon will listen (and maybe others follow).

  413. 3dzer0 says:

    I couldn’t agree more with every aspect of your letter. It is on point to what is needed. I have been using Nikon for 20+ years and want to continue doing so.

  414. Craig says:

    Would be great to have the interface more open and if so it would lift the profile of Nikon as a choice.

  415. Vivian says:

    I agree with Gunther. I use Nikon since the days of the F801 and I was always happy with the Equipment. In the last years I used more an more remote controls with specific apps. Unfortunately the latest developments as described in the open letter are really becoming blocking issues and are dissuading me from buying a new Body, as my old D800 is still a better choice. I really hope that Nikon will do some improvements concerning this issue. Cheers

  416. Gerhard says:

    Excellent presentation and technical oversight.

    Night to day and to night transitions are especially necessary.

    I do technical photography of crack propogation and material deformation

    While many times I shoot with Phantom 11 for up to 1M FPS for military applications, many times long time timelapse over changing environmental conditions are necessary.

    I always end up having to bracket and post process with HDR tools.

    Nikon please take action.

  417. Frank says:

    Add me to the cosign list. 💯👍

  418. David Cantatore says:

    I completely agree with Gunther, Nikon needs to open its Wifi and firmware to external apps and not just for timelapse! If Canon users can make use of MagicLantern or other alternate firmwares, why not Nikon?

  419. Lee Hawkins says:

    Amen to this! Nikon needs to follow in the successful footsteps of Ricoh like with their Theta 360 cameras…everything is open to third-party apps. Nikon didn’t do this with their KeyMission cameras, and they are closing their DSLR platform to only their apps—and this is foolish! Even Apple lets you use third party apps with their devices!!!

  420. Boudewijn says:

    I agree! Great article, I hope Nikon will listen…

    Greetings from Holland.

  421. Bryan says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with Gunther, Nikon you need to make wifi open in your cameras and not just to snapbridge!

  422. Max Berlin says:

    in support. Nikon d810 owner

  423. Stars says:

    I use D750 plus three Nikon-mount primes, solely for astro timelapse, using QDSLR dashboard over wifi and then LRT.

    So I am not at all happy to hear that open wifi access could in the future disappear from new Nikon FX platforms. That would mean that I have invested in the wrong platform.

    The opportunity for a great solution is there, as you outline Gunther, but will they listen ?

  424. DanielV says:

    I fully support your statement and backwards compatibility (with WiFi) should not be limited when releasing newer products. However SnapBridge seems to get steadier and better with every firmware/software update, but I understand your frustration. Great article and great work from you also!
    There is (a sort of) workaround for SnapBridge enabled camera’s to enable the traditional WiFi and work with the WMU app or qDslrDashboard app that also works on the newest models like D500/D7500/D5600. In SnapBridge when Bluetooth connected and tab on remote shooting and choose your WiFi connection wih your camera. Don’t go back to the SnapBridge but start old WMU app or qDslrDashboard app, not sure about stability and TimeLapse shooting but it seems to work OK for me on iOS. So, a firmwareupdate by Nikon should be something small. Let’s cross our fingers.

    • Gunther Wegner says:

      Thanks! Unfortunately this workaround does not work on Android and seem to be fragile. But for sure, it shows that the change that Nikon has to do to make us happy, is a minor one.

  425. Bryan Snider says:

    Great blog Gunther! I completely a agree with all your saying. As a Nikon user myself, I’m happy to sign.

  426. Ralf Berger says:

    I fully agree – thanks for putting this together Guenther.

  427. Kyle says:

    Support from Texas

  428. Tim Staples says:

    Thanks for this! Hope they listen!

  429. Larry Gibson says:

    I am currently a Nikon user and would like to stay using Nikon. I believe Gunther’s request a very reasonable.
    Come on Nikon you can do it !

  430. Shafimon says:

    Agree with this… hopw Nikon will do something for this..

  431. Jerry Black says:

    Nikon you must make these changes. You will definitely loose market share and PR if these enhancements.

  432. Samuel Pellissier says:

    100% agreed.

  433. Stefano says:

    Yes please.

  434. panagiotis says:

    hope you’ll do it

  435. +1 from Switzerland.
    Previously Canon user, I’ve bought a D750 plus few lenses (and then some Fuji stuff) especially for the build-in intervalometer and the awsome iso-invariant sensor.
    But many thing may be improved !

  436. Raghu Bhaskar says:

    This has my full support, thank you for starting this.

  437. romy santos says:

    +1 to this very reasonable request. corner the market Nikon and this will def be a win/win for both business strategy and and consumer appeal.

  438. 100% agreed. Hope they will listen.

    -D800 user

  439. Lubos says:

    I’m supporting Gunther’s idea. Nikon, please listen to these words. It will open new possibilities to your customers and they will benefit from it (= more sales for you!)

  440. B. Kramer says:

    I agree with and support this letter.

  441. Vikas says:

    my first camera was Nikon d3100 and most of my friends asked me to switch to canon for such reasons. Nikon should listen to customer feedbacks and make sure the loyal customers base remains.
    Nikon is nothing without its customers if we are not sure to advice the coming next generation of photographers about Nikon devices it would mean the end of an era of Nikon.

    Hopefully Nikon agrees and supports.

    Thank You
    Gunther and Nikon

  442. Hesley M. says:

    I use only Nikon cameras for the last 17 years
    And I fully agree
    Nikon please listen to this appeal and make it possible

  443. wayne says:

    agreed hope that they listen!

  444. Derek says:

    I’m a current Nikon user and a LRtimelapse user as well. Please add support for this type of use to your new camera line.


  445. Shai Davidor says:

    So correct. The connectivity frustration and the closed garden app approach need to change.

  446. Liam Wescott says:

    I totally agree with this letter, Gunther.

    I would further add to it that this is a golden opportunity for Nikon to do something that no other DSLR camera manufacturer has ever done, to the best of my knowledge.

    Design, build, and then sell a DSLR (and/or mirrorless) camera for taking time-lapse sequences.

    That is, build a camera that is designed around time-lapse functionality, with all the software (intervalometer, ramping, etc.) already on board, with all the features Gunther outlined in his letter, basically everything a time-lapser would need to go out and start taking time-lapse sequences.

    You could have a low-end camera for beginners, a prosumer model for people who want to go to the next level, and a professional camera for professionals.

    Think about it. No more need to have external intervalometers, no need to have third-party software on your camera’s SD card, no hacks, just a camera designed by and for time-lapsers.

    Gunther, if you could get Nikon to take this on, I for one would go Nikon all the way.

  447. Joe Belanger says:

    Agree. One thing to further in this discussion is the obsolecense of expensive non-Nikon equipment like sliders, controllers and the wifi interfaces that control them. Without a viable wifi solution many of us who have been Nikon loyalists for 30 plus years are put in an ugly position. So in my mind its far more problematic when people have invested significant dollars in a system that really no longer works.

    Please, Nikon, give us some simple non-proprietary interfaces. You will win this way.


  448. Frank Burch says:

    I would own the D500 today, but the WiFi issue is so serious that I continue to use older equipment. When a camera model is upgraded it should always offer more and better options. The WiFi restriction is a step backwards for the D500. As to the D750, I own two of them and love the camera. But the dark-time issue can be maddening when shooting time lapse. I’ve been shooting Nikon for 41-years and plan to shoot them as long as I can lift a camera. PLEASE fix these issues!

  449. Mitch says:

    Completely agree, perfectly put Gunther.
    This would take Nikon to the next level

  450. Well said Gunther. +1 and hope Nikon listens.

  451. Javier Garcia says:

    Thank you Gunther! I agree bringing this issue to Nikon.
    I’m Nikonist from 1978, now timelapser. We hope that they will listen to us!

  452. I am a time lapse photographer. I have a D90 and did have a D7000 which I extensively used for lightning and time lapse landscapes. I now have a D500 and though the wi-fi part is really useful, it is annoying to set up and can be easily interfered with by other transmissions. The D90 and D7000 had the GPS socket which I used with my intervalometer. This worked well. I can now not use this on the D500.
    One thing that could also be added, is a second processor so while one is taking the photo, the other can process the previous one. This removes the time lag and would put it more on par with a traditional film camera. The number of lightning strikes that I miss due to processing lag is very annoying.

  453. Martin Bennett says:

    The Snapbridge is almost completely useless, it is very slow at transferring images, and very very difficult to get to connect, phone to camera!

  454. Brett Wirick says:

    It’s all been said. I’m in full agreement! Just do it Nikon🖒

  455. Jo says:

    I have been using LRTimelapse for a few years and I know that Gunther knows what he is talking about. Although I’m a Canon user, it seems like a very valid request he is making, that would benefit many folks. I support him in this.

  456. Thank you Gunther for taking the lead on this – the WiFI issue has been high on my list of issues which I wish Nikon would fix. Nikon, please seriously consider this as a user request with high priority.

  457. oliver kmia says:

    Please fix it Nikon. It’s a huge problem.

  458. VintageBokeh says:

    Good News

  459. Andreas Vesper says:

    Dear Gunther,

    as one of the first D500 users in Germany I’m fighting for a working WiFi implementation on new Nikon cameras like the D500, the D5600 and the D7500 for nearly 15 months.

    I truely support your open letter to Nikon and I’m asking all readers to share it, share it, shart it wherever and whenever you can!

    And – of course – post a comment here!

  460. Chris Broste says:

    Looking for another camera body, I was excited to hear about the 850. After acquiring all the top lenses to go with my multiple camera bodies. I would hate to jump ship. Something I have thought about many times even though I have spent years and allot of money with Nikon. Please listen to your prosumers, when we share our work we are your greatest advocates to others interested in getting into photography and purchasing a camera.

  461. Carlos V Sucre says:

    I am a Nikon user. Don’t do (yet) astro but your request to Nikon seems very reasonable. I support you

  462. Dave Hobson-Campbel says:

    As long time Nikon user and new time lapse maker I agree 100%, thank you Gunther

  463. Patrick says:

    I agree totally. Choosed NIKON for it’s outstanding lowlight and dynamic performance for night shootings and timelapses. No wonder NIKON is provider for the photostuff on ISS.
    @NIKON: please don’t let you loose your biggest fans!

  464. Andrey says:

    Hope Nikon will listen to their costumers

  465. Thomas says:

    I do hope that Nikon will listen

  466. Niclas Nielsen says:

    As a long +30 years user of Nikon, I will say I’ve seen the developments from the start of TimeLapse and you Gunther is the one who made it easy. If Nikon, as they promote, really wants to cater to Time-lapsers, they have no other choice than taking you on as a consultant, end of story, it’s that easy!!!

  467. Yingzhe Wang says:

    100% support from a Nikon user who have sold out all his Canon body and lenses for 7 years..

  468. Yvan Van Hoorickx says:

    Support from a (almost) ex Nikon user transfering to Fujifilm, but hesitating because I still love Nikon.

  469. Nicolas Jouhet says:

    As Nikon user and time lapse maker I agree 100%, thank you Gunther.

  470. Mónica Mesa says:

    Support from Colombia.
    Nikon, nothing better than listening to the voice of your fans and costumers 😉

  471. Kori says:

    Hey Nikon, I agree with Gunther!

    If you leave us hanging, you give us no option but to do what’s right for us.

    Give him the time to speak with you, you will not regret it!

  472. G.W. Crawford says:

    I agree. As a long time Nikon user, I want these features on my next camera (it could be the D850 if done right). You obviously understand that people are shooting timelapse more and more, so why not go all the way and be the leader your company should be?

  473. Pete says:

    Please listen Nikon! This isn’t an expensive request. And Gunther is definitely someone you should employ to assist or allow to help develop the solution.


  474. Danny says:

    Nikon please listen to the needs of the end users in order to keep your loyal customers before they all change to another brand that will listen and care for their customers.

  475. Bill G says:

    Hope nikon listens, or else the money for the next cam goes to “other”.

  476. Dear Nikon managers,

    Be smart and listen tu Gunthers humble request. Or be even smater and employ him as a consultant!

    Thanks a lot in advance

    Thorge Berger – long time Nikon shooter

  477. Wilson von Zeidler says:

    Support from Brazil!

  478. 100% Support from Greek Skies 🙂 Thank you Gunther for all support !!!

  479. PeO says:

    Support from Sweden

  480. Teoman Cimit says:

    Support from Istanbul/Turkey

  481. lukas.riedl says:

    Hey Nikon! Happy Birthday!
    I fully agree with Gunther, please, please listen to those words. Stay awesome!
    Lukas Riedl

  482. Sven Peks says:

    If Nikon shows up with all those ideas, I’ll immediately change the System. Companiys, listen to your customers!

  483. Kevin Lewis says:

    Up front I’ll say I don’t use Nikon cameras as I’m a Canon/Sony user. However that doesn’t stop me from supporting this very simple firmware request from a highly respected timelapser and software developer. Do Nikon, or Sony for that matter, even approach the real world professionals before filling up their cameras with software that is clearly implemented by someone with no practical experience of timelapsing and is aimed at the rank amateur. It is the real world professionals that raise the public profile of Nikon, no amount of advertising can beat a viral timelapse production but if the firmware remains crippled then the cameras wouldn’t be used.

    Kev Lewis

  484. Matty, Isle of Man says:

    Nikon, listen to people that know Timelapse instead of blindly imposing ‘features’ that reduce the useability of your cameras for the purpose you claim they are good for! I am a Fuji user, but support Gunther Wegner’s aim in helping Nikon cameras (and others) to remain useful for all those with a serious interest in Timelapse.

  485. Martin Mark says:

    I hope Nikon listens 🙂

  486. Rolf Eickhoff says:

    I agree completely with Gunther Wegener’s request. Bought one of the first D500 in Germany and discovered very soon that snapbridge is not working properly. What i don’t understand is, how can such a highlevel camera correspondent wich such a nolevelApp. WHY! Please listen to your customers. Enable Wlan and WiFi. Thank you, may there be FINE LIGHT for fine cameras and fine photographers.

  487. Daan Kloeg says:

    Support from the Netherlands! Agree!

  488. Dominique Provost says:

    My support too!

  489. Dominique L. says:

    I agree with all!! Nikon, make the good move !!!

  490. Nikon has the opportunity to become the “go to” camera manufacturer for timelapse photographers. However, this will only happen if they collaborate with someone with the expertise to guide them. Gunther is that person!!!

  491. George says:

    I fully support this request, please listen to your customers.

    In an era where Android and iPhone camera competition has crossed into the DSLR Conservation, it behooves Nikon to implement as many features the core customers need to justify having a separate camera.


  492. Mikko Jokela says:

    Support from Finland!

  493. William Pittock says:

    I totally agree with Gunther’s observations about enhancements to the time lapse shooting process that can be enhanced through smart camera design at very little cost or compromise to other functionality. I encourage Nikon to consult with Gunther on the needs of the time lapse photography community.

  494. Simen E. Sørensen says:

    > However, if you really mean it with your new focus on timelapse photographers, I would like to offer you my expertise as a consultant. We could be developing a state-of-the-art timelapse solution for your cameras together, leaving nothing to be desired!

    As a Canon user, this sort of collaboration could definitely be a turning point for converting to Nikon. Gunther and other community enthusiasts have been developing the tools Time-Lapse photographers *really* want and need. They know a great deal about what’s useful in the field and what’s not.

    Regardless: I endorse the full appeal made in this letter.

  495. Roberto Rivera says:

    Nikon please make the difference and listen to your customers. We love shooting with Nikon cameras and would like to keep doing so.

  496. Dave Walters says:

    I agree. Thank you Gunther for bringing this important issue to the attention of Nikon. We can only hope that they will listen to their customers.

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